Pokémon Escarlata y Púrpura

They give voice to Pokémon Scarlet and Purple and the result is incredible

One of the criticisms of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, in addition to its many flaws, is its lack of dubbing.

Pokémon Españita, or what is the same, Scarlet and Purple, has been released just 2 weeks ago and has become a viral phenomenon both for their sales (10 million in 3 days) and for their many mistakes. In addition to these controversies, one of the biggest criticisms of these games is for the Nintendo Switch his lack of dubbing for the video scenes, that there are a few. For that some fans have decided to do tests and the result is really amazing.

Dr. Bonehead make a test along the way 5 minutes of scenes from the game that put voices on (some really very successful like the one in Mencía). It is clear that the game looks much better And it is incomprehensible that in 2022 there are still games of this caliber without dubbing, even in English and Japanese. Want Pokemon to add dubbing? Can you imagine one in Spanish?

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