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The wait is almost over, Netflix sets a date for filming season 2

Lee Jung-jae, the protagonist of this brutal Netflix hit, reveals when season 2 of The Squid Game will start filming

The wait is almost over. At least as far as starting to shoot it was expected, what can I say?, the very expected! second season of ‘The Squid Game’the success of Netflix that captivated millions and millions of viewers around the world, and we would even say that the aliens have seen the series, if there were any. Go figure.

It is an exciting and emotionally wrenching series that has captivated audiences worldwide. Although not suitable for all viewers, due to its violent and graphic content, the series is a television masterpiece that tackles important and pressing issues. And although it may seem like a cliché, the series invites certain vital reflections.

Some of the standout features of the series include its visual style and soundtrack, which help create a tense and haunted atmosphere. And despite the fact that the series has been the subject of much discussion and analysis, we have no doubts about its importance to future directors and writers associated with film and television.

And since we know the wait is getting a bit long, but to help make it more bearable, we’re telling you that the leading actor of the series, the 50-year-old Korean actor, Lee Jung-jaehas revealed the date when season 2 of ‘The Squid Game’ starts filming.

Season 2 of The Squid Game is getting bigger

Lee, who plays the lead role Seong Gi-hunhas revealed in a recent interview to the media Egan Sports that the new season will start shooting very soon.


“The series will start filming in the summer and will probably last around 10 months”

“We also worked on season 1 for about 10 months, but that was with the delays caused by COVID-19. But since the second season is going to be bigger, it will probably take longer to finish.”

It should be kept in mind that Lee is also currently involved in a larger project for the saga. Star wars. He started filming last September and right now he’s working on it and from what you can see he has some complaints about the way he’s doing things. It is of course noted that he cannot say anything about the action. It is an absolute secret what ‘The Acolyte’ will show us.

“They told me not to talk about it as much as possible. It looks like filming will last until March or April. In fact, I think the filming in Korea is more efficient in a way. There are many aspects of the job are similar here and in Korea, but I think there are areas where the Korean method is more effective. Of course, there are also aspects that I learn from»

Source Igan Sports via Allkpop

The information that comes about the new season is sparse, almost zero, but you already know that here you will find the best news about ‘the octopus game‘ as soon as they arise. We will continue to inform you.

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