The story behind the iconic Arkham scene

A look behind the scenes of ‘The Batman’ reveals the intensity with which the confrontation between the Dark Knight and the villain was experienced

When Paul Dano, immersed in the role of the enigmatic Riddler, asked Matt Reeves: “Was it too much? Did I cross the line?”the director of “The Batman” could only smile and respond: “It’s amazing. Let’s take another take. How many times was this exchange repeated? You will be surprised to know.

“The Batman”: the magic behind the scenes of Arkham

Let’s imagine we are a bat on the ceiling of the stage where the Dark Knight meets Enigma. Through a glass window, we see the tension between these two characters as Batman searches for answers and the Riddler revels in his mind game. This intense and emotional scene was not recorded in a couple of hours. Not even in a full day. It took two full days and between “70 and 80 shots”, as shared by director Matt Reeves.

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The final showdown between the hero (Robert Pattinson) and the villain (Paul Dano) in “The Batman” left many viewers on the edge of their seats. This iconic scene, where both characters communicate through glassnot only did it explore the villain’s scheming mind, but it hinted at the possibility of the Riddler discovering that Batman is, in fact, Bruce Wayne.

The Riddler’s emotional grandeur is remarkable. In his dialogue with Batman, he confesses not only that he was inspired by the Dark Knight, but also believes that they are both part of the same team. This revelation, and Batman’s refusal to accept it, push the Riddler to an extreme emotional level.

Each shot showed a different facet, from a knowing smile to an outburst of anger. “Paul loves to explore. He’s obsessive that way,” commented Reeves. The director also confessed that he sometimes held in laughter while listening to Dano’s variations, always wondering when that unexpected change would arrive.

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The legacy of “The Batman” at DC

Although DC Studios has plans in place for a new DC Universe under the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran, “The Batman” is no different and expands its universe. Beyond his impressive performance as the Riddler, Paul Dano takes his passion one step further by writing a comic about the origin of his character titled “The Riddler: Year One”.

But that’s not all, Colin Farrell, as the Penguin, will star in a series that will premiere on Max. Additionally, another series focusing on Arkham Asylum is in development. For most fans of the saga, the wait has continued ever since “The Batman – Part II” the release is scheduled for October 3, 2025, confirming the return of both Pattinson and Reeves.

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A cinematic legacy in the making

“The Batman” isn’t just another movie in the vast DC Universe. It represents a new beginning and the promise of a cinematic legacy. The relationship between Batman and the Riddler in this episode is just a preview of what’s to come. With deep characters and plots full of mystery, fans can expect more episodes that will reveal the dark secrets of Gotham and its inhabitants. With Reeves at the helm, the next decade promises to be golden for the lovers of the Dark Knight stories.

So, the next time you see Batman and the Riddler face off in Arkham, remember that behind those minutes are two days of pure passion and artistry. And for those who want to relive the experience or those who haven’t enjoyed it yet, “The Batman” is available to stream on Max.

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