The showrunner of Netflix's One Piece adaptation teases a memorable scene

The showrunner of Netflix’s One Piece adaptation teases a memorable scene

Nami will be the main character in one of the key moments of the first season of Netflix’s One Piece adaptation

With Brilliant adaptation is being made by The Last of Us On television, many fans of comics, anime, and video games hope that other adaptations can be done with the same level. It is true that in recent years we have seen how the level of these products has improved, as for example in the case of Alice in the Borderlands. But what is clear is that One Piece fans want a good adaptationthey won’t forgive their beloved series being tarnished.

We know that a large part of the One Piece adaptation team from Netflix her big fans of the series and that they will make the best possible product, although until we see the final result it is difficult to know what will happen. Today, the showrunner has granted an interview which, among other things, OP_Netflix_Fan where he talks about the famous scene of “Save me” that states Nami and Arlong Park. It’s a pivotal One Piece moment, perhaps the first truly important one, and the showrunner says he can’t wait for us to see his version of it.

It is clear that he knows the fans and that he knows what to appeal to. We know the adaptation will have 10 chapters, and it will cover all of East Blueso we get to see how Luffy recruits Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji, but will the adaptation do him justice?

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