The Last of Us

The series The Last of Us has had a fair share of scenes that contain violence

Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog, has revealed the reason for this clip in the series The Last of US, which premieres next January on HBO

Next January will be the starting signal for this new HBO proposal based on the successful video game ‘The Last of US’ that has captivated millions of PlayStation gamers. These are in luck since they found out that the live-action adaptation was in the works for its broadcast on the HBO platform,

We imagine that we hope that the series will have the same doses of intrigue, tension and violence that video games show. Well, nothing, it’s not the day, another bad news. According to the words of Neil Druckmanco-owner of Naughty dogand also co-creator of the adaptation of the series, A piece of information about production has become known that the same does not do a damn favor for fans of video games and potential viewers of the television format.

The Last of Us a series that will have the essential scenes of violence and period

Apparently, and without having much more information, he would have passed the level of shooting the violent scenes in the series, and this has alarmed the executives of Warner Bros. Perhaps that is why they have been ordered to cut these scenes or the level of violence in them, as Druckman himself says in an interview with SFX media.


“We need a certain amount of action, or violence, that we can use for the mechanics so that you can connect with Joel and get into a state of flow. Let us eliminate all but the most essential violence.”

The rationale is that a visual excess of violence is not necessary, but just and necessary. The essential. In this way, it becomes possible to make the viewer feel and dive into the experience that the series offers.

“So you would really feel like you’re connected to this avatar on the screen and you’re seeing the world through their eyes.”

Source SFX

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