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The rise of the Sith and the true nature of the Jedi in The Acolyte

The Star Wars series that will reveal the decline of the Jedi Order

New information about one of the most anticipated ‘Star Wars’ series, ‘The Acolyte’has come to light through an interview with the media Empire Magazine from the showrunner of the series, Leslie Headland.

In Headland’s words, the new series is off Disney+ promises to show a never-before-seen era of the galaxy in live action: the High Republic.

The series that will explore the origins of the Jedi Order and the Golden Age of the Jedi

This was a time of galactic expansion and the jedi they were guardians of peace and justice throughout the galaxy, acting as champions of light and life. During this period, they fought tirelessly for every citizen and showed great unity in their actions and thoughts.

The mission for Order of the Jedi it was noble and significant: spreading the light of the Force and passing on the Jedi legacy to all beings in the galaxy. These were meant to stay away from political strife and galactic conflict, always remaining true to their calling as peacemakers and peacekeepers.

The Acolyte: the series that will delve into the Sith-Jedi conflict

Over time, the unit will be lost and the order will begin its decline, reaching the point seen in the prequels. But ‘The Acolyte’ will offer a new perspective on these, showing the true nature of the Order and how they were the true protectors of the galaxy. Of course, every bright side has its dark and gloomy side.

The main focus of the Disney+ series will be to show how los Sith they began to rise to political power and how the guardians of the galaxy didn’t notice. The series may explore how both factions fought each other in a battle that would define the future of the galaxy.

History will inevitably lead us to the point of the fall of the Order and its execution order 66. We are sure that this dark panorama will not prevent us from enjoying ourselves, on the contrary. We look forward. May the premiere come soon.

Source Empire Magazine

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