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The next 4 lots coming into the store are filtered

Gamers are showing their displeasure over the unreasonable prices of Marvel Snap on social networks

Once again, social networks have been responsible for revealing new information about the Marvel card game. This time, thanks to Twitter and Instagram, it has been possible to filter the new batches that are supposed to appear in the ‘Marvel Snap’, and we say batches because everything points to it in the absence of more details.

Some players point out in some tweets that all this leaked information it may be different events yet to come. But be careful of the explanations on the web Marvel Snap Zoneit is highly likely that they are actually parties.

Besides knowing the content that these lots have, which you may like more or less, it must be admitted that some alternative card designs are spectacular, but the controversy is created in relation to the price of these. The study behind ‘Marvel Snap’ continues to believe that its mass of players must all have exceptional purchasing power. Most of the complaints expressed in the networks agree that they are abusive prices. And the truth, for the one who writes, they are.

Before we reveal the contents, as we always do, we want to warn you that this information should be taken with a grain of salt, as without official confirmation it is only speculation.

Leaked the next batches of Marvel Snap

Less than a week ago, the lot was released ‘wild hearts‘ it at a price of €37.99 contains two alternate designs of Gambit and Rogue in their 90s Marvel Comics version, two avatars of the two characters and 1500 credits to develop cards.

Although the game was initially available at a lower price on the Steam platform, the studio has already fixed it. Here the important thing is the aesthetic, and although we appreciate the price of the cards with the alternative designs, their price is not reasonable. In any case, everyone is free to interpret this according to their understanding of what is expensive and what is a uniform and appropriate price.

Broken hearts

The possible filtered batches are:

Protected heart

The date on which this claimed lot will be for sale will be the day December 17 and will end their stay in the store on 24 in the same month. It is a purely aesthetic party.

It costs 5000 game coins, the gold bars that we earn and that can be bought. To acquire this item assuming you have no currency, the cost in real money in Spain e.g. will be more than €70. A real madness.

Seventy euros for a content that has three variant letters of Doctor Doom. Mr. fantastic and off Chica invisibleplus 3000 credits and three avatars.

This is not the best deal unless the variant card designs are to the consumer’s taste. These are cards that are available in their base variant, but over time you’ll want to play with these alternate designs. Still, it’s very poor content for the far too high price.

The players must keep that in mind to access these lots you need to reach collection level 500 and that the new credit limit is 10000.

Winter Wonderland

The date this alleged item will be on sale is December 21st, and its stay in the store will end on January 3rd, 2023.

That bundle seems more interesting as it offers a greater variety of items, but the price is still exorbitant, 6000 coins in game. Contains an alternate skin of Sunspot, provides 2,000 Collector Tokens, 8,000 credits, its corresponding avatar, and 100 power-ups to evolve the map.

The party this time is focused on helping the player who acquires it progress. In addition, it rewards you with coveted collector tokens. A kind of currency to buy the cards with alternate designs that appear in the shop and change from time to time. They are rare and hard to find, so they will be a big help.

Although the card it gives is easily obtainable in Pool 2, it is the one considering acquiring this lot, and it mainly focuses its advantage on collector tokens for use with other cards. It is the most expensive in terms of time to get.

Line in the sand

The date this alleged lot will be for sale will be December 24th Christmas Eve and its stay in the store will end on December 31st New Year’s Eve.

Its price? $19.99 dollars which will be approximately more than 20 euros in Spain. Includes two alternate Chibi-style Spider-Man and Sandman skins, 500 credits and two avatars. The most disappointing batch of ‘Marvel Snap’. We assume the studio is trying to play around with different lots and prices to get player feedback..

A pack that we assume is intended for fans of this style, if not, there is no point in acquiring a lot like this with real currency. Error after error, the players begin to tire.

Starlit connection

The date this alleged item will be on sale is December 31st, and its stay in the store will end on January 7th, 2023.

Priced at $49.99, the bundle includes two alternate skins of Sera and Angela, their corresponding avatars, and 4,000 credits to develop cards.

In another display of clumsiness from those responsible for ‘Marvel Snap’, this batch is being launched, possibly the most controversial of the four leaked. Contains two of the cards that had to be nerfed to reduce their powers when the November 29th update patch was applied. Another purely aesthetic bundle that doesn’t help player progression at the wrong price.

We have no doubt that there will be players for whom the price of these lots seems like a good idea and are willing to pay their price without any problems. But for the rest of mortals, it’s true proof that the studio lives in a different reality that a Marvel card game for PC and mobile devices moves with such an exorbitant price range. We’re nerds, not stupid.

Players need new motivationslThe possibility to meet friends and create championships or leaguesand above all stop the onslaught of bots that the game suffers from before that exorbitant lots of unaffordable prices.

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