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The most relevant change of Nick Fury revealed

Samuel L. Jackson reveals Fury’s biggest change in Secret Invasion after years of suffering for the character

Marvel’s upcoming series, ‘Secret Invasion’, has become one of the most anticipated by fans and for good reason. The series will feature one of the most emblematic characters from UCM, Nick Furyplayed by actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Along with that will appear in greater depth The Skrulls and we will have proof of what is true and what is not, what we have seen so far in phase 3 and 4. Some surprises could give us. The recent hardships of the MCU have taken their toll on the protagonist and will subject him to deeper changes. But which ones?

In a recent interview, Jackson revealed the biggest changes fans will notice in the character.

Viewers should prepare to see a more vulnerable and human side of Fury.

The actor explained that fans of The Marvel Universe they will see a more vulnerable and human side of Fury in the series. Nick will show the problems of his age and the possible threats from the Skrulls who are stalking the planet.

What changes for Nick Fury in Secret Invasion?

The trademark eyepatch and goatee will be replaced with glasses and a beard, and he will be more reflective and gloomy because of all that he has been through. A deeper change than expected.

Nick has pieced together his true identity and his place in the world after the death of Tony Stark. Additionally, the series will offer a unique introspective look at the character, highlighting his personal moments as he tries to piece together his true identity and find his place in the world after everything he’s been through.


“I had to figure out some things and figure out some new things that I’ve been trying to do for a while. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to find out who I really was and dig into how his work really affects his personal life.”

In the interview, the producer Jonathan Schwartz highlighted that showing Furia’s emotional side adds a depth the viewer doesn’t expect.


“Nick Fury is just human, Maria Hill, played by Cobie Smulders, is just human. A single bullet could finish them off. That’s something we don’t always get in the MCU. To bring that level of tension, fear and vulnerability to one of our shows was really exciting.”

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