Marvel: The Comics That Inspired the New Captain Marvel Series

The Marvels

Between cartoons and heroes: we tell you which comics are based on Marvels

Carol Danvers’ story is intertwined with women’s emancipation, a reflection of struggle and triumph that extends beyond paper. From her birth in the Kree universe to her ascension to Captain Marvel, every panel of her comics is a testament to the evolution of a heroine who knows how to adapt, reinvent herself, and above all, inspire.

On the eve of Marvels debut, a journey into the heart of comics reveals the soul of a saga that has spanned generations. The film, which promises to be a major change in the Marvel Audiovisual Universe, comes with storylines that are pivotal to the building of its main characters.

Carol Danvers: The Spirit of Freedom

Born from the pens of Roy Thomas and Gene Colan, Danvers entered the superhero scene as a security chief, but soon found her way as an editor and avant-garde. Their evolution reads like an anthem of self-determination, Gerry Conway being the first to capture their struggle for an independent and unique identity. Under the direction of Chris Claremont, Carol is released from her job, gaining depth and a new uniform that reflects her strengths. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson continue the legacy and enrich the Danvers universe with companions that reflect his power.

Adapted Comics: Marvel Gold. Ms. Marvel, The Mighty Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel: Marvel.

Captain Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel, The Monica Rambeau Story, The Marvels

Monica Rambeau: Spark of Leadership

Monica Rambeau just inherited the title of Captain Marvel; She reinvented it. His tenacity and determination, like Roger Stern and John Romita Jr. Despite his ups and downs, characters like Dwayne Macduffie restore his glory, allowing him to shine again and at times reconcile with his dark past.

Adapted Comics: Monica Rambeau: Photon, Captain Marvel: The Monica Rambeau Saga.

Kamala Khan: Unexpected Greatness

Created by G Willow Wilson and Adrian Alfona, young Kamala Khan is a kaleidoscope of culture, adversity and heroism. Her journey through struggles with identity and the desire to fit in is a reflection of today’s youth, but it is unusual. Kamala finds her place among superheroes, from the Avengers to the Champions, proving that even superheroes can be open-hearted fans.

Adapted Comics: Marvel Omnibus. Ms. Marvel 1, Marvel’s Young Adults. Winners 1.

Captain Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel, The Monica Rambeau Story, The Marvels

Wonders: An intended meeting

In the year On November 9, screens will light up with Marvels, in honor of these powerful women. Led by Nia DaCosta and an all-star creative team, the film weaves together the stories of Danvers, Rambeau and Kahn, revealing that what unites them is beyond their control.

At the intersection of their paths, we find a clear message: at the dawn of the feminist movement or in the complex networks of the MCU, the hero’s identity and strength evolve and adapt, we are accepting change to make her dreams come true. It’s more than a sequel to Marvels; It shows the tenacity and strength that resides in each of the characters, reflecting not only their stories, but all the role models they find themselves in.

Captain Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel, The Monica Rambeau Story, The Marvels

At the intersection of graphic and cinematographic narrative, the film is presented as a bridge between generations of fans and readers, uniting the richness of comics with the grandeur of cinema. This upcoming release promises action and adventure; It promises to be a mirror through which many can reflect their own battles and triumphs.

So, counting down the days until the premiere, why not delve into the pages that gave life to these amazing heroes? With each comic, we prepare to celebrate the eternal evolution of characters who have not only made a big step in cinema, but also made their mark on paper and are now ready to conquer the big screen.