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The Marvel and Star Wars franchises will need to tighten their belts

Cost is more important than ever, and the Star Wars franchise is caught in the business decision of full expansion

The North American media The Hollywood Reporter has just repeated the rumors that a reliable sourcewhich reveals it Disney has made a decision regarding its tax policy which is going to force its two star series, Marvel and Star Wars, to tighten its belt from now on.

If we had already predicted that the number of premieres would fall on the platform Disney+Today, this source confirms the suspicion that there will also be a reduction in the development of series and films. Now, more than ever, cost is very important. The tendency of almost all platforms and their respective studies is to reduce quantity in favor of quality.

The source confirms that someone at the company has informed him that there will be a level of rigor that future productions adhere to.

“There is a new rigor coming at Marvel and across the company. The numbers matter now, and costs will be monitored and enforced.”

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Star Wars must comply with the tax policy set by Disney

But the Star Wars franchise faces the opposite challenge. Yes Marvel Studios has decided to slow down and slow down, one of the longest-running sagas in cinema has been caught in full expansion. After being absent from the big screens since 2019, the franchise has dedicated itself to expanding its offering significantly in the coming years. This 2023, no more, no less, Damon Lindelof he directed a room with screenwriters last July to prepare stories for a feature film, in addition to confirming it Taika Waititi he is still involved in creating his particular version of Universo Star Wars.

To this we must add the series ‘The Acolyte’, which is currently being filmed, season 2 of ‘Boba Fett‘, the next ‘Ahsoka’, starring Rosario Dawson. In addition, season 2 of ‘Andor’, which is also in full filming, and ‘Skeleton Crew‘, which features and is produced by Jon Watts, and Volume 2 of the animated series ‘Star Wars: Visions’.

THR also confirms that for sure at the next Star Wars party in 2023, which will be held in London in April, Lucasfilm publish a large number of projects which are directly in conflict with the new company policy. We don’t know how they will be organized, or which projects may or may not continue. But one thing is clear. As THR’s source says:

“Lucasfilm can increase the pace, but will have to adhere to the same fiscal discipline as the rest of the company”

Source THR

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