The Last of Us

The Last of Us is already rated on Rotten Tomatoes Should we look at its score?

The HBO Max series, The Last of Us, is becoming one of the highest-rated adaptations of a video game

Yesterday we told you Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmanseries showrunners’The last of us‘ They chatted in an interview about the curse of video game adaptations, today we want to tar you news that would make them smile more than the Joker to the two directors.

The upcoming series on the HBO Max platform has already been rated on the reference website Rotten Tomatoes. And the truth is that the much vaunted curse is nowhere to be found at the moment. The series that wants Bella Ramsey y Peter Pascal as leading actors

The result of ‘The last of us‘ on the net Rotten is from one amazing 97%. Although this may increase or decrease slightly as the series begins to air its episodes on a weekly basis on HBO Max. That series review You can now find it on our website from the hands of our partner and critic Fernando Cantillo.

The Last of Us one of the best adaptations of a video game according to Rotten Tomatoes

With that number, it currently ranks as the best video game-to-TV series adaptation. Share the honor of being with two other great additions in the top 3 of these reliable adaptations of the original and that it is a video game.

Together with the new efforts of HBO there are others like ‘Castlevania’ with one 94%or others like ‘The Witcher’, which takes a score off 95% in its second season. Obviously, it’s far above other adaptations with much less success, such as the recent ‘Uncharted‘ which takes a score off 41% spite counts as actors Tom Holland, Antonio Banderas and Mark Wahlberg.

Above them is ‘Arcane: League Of Legends’. The Netflix series has a100% and Rotten Tomatoes!

Source Rotten tomatoes

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