The Last of Us + Depeche Mode

The Last of Us increases views of a Depeche Mode song by more than 200%

The adaptation of The Last of Us has once again popularized a 1987 classic from the English group’s nineteenth single album

The new phenomenon of streaming platforms, ‘The last of us‘, he goes on to demonstrate his unstoppable rise to success by playing with his wand and making whatever he touches go viral. As a better example, we could mention what happened after the premiere of the first episode with a musical theme by the English electronic music group Depeche Mode.

The adaptation has been greeted with great enthusiasm by viewers and even by fans of the video game from which it is adapted. These, who are usually the most critical, have not shouted too much. Although there are several licenses that HBO Max has been taken, these three main differences, the complaints have not been many in networks. The feedback is good and what we are telling you is a good example of this.

The Last of Us + Depeche Mode

Never Let Me Down Again popularized again by The Last of Us

This hit post-apocalyptic drama once again popularized a theme from the band’s nineteenth album, ‘Don’t let me down again‘. The theme originates from the year 1987 and belongs to the disc’Music for the masses‘.

According to Billboard, the theme was played 200.5% more since the premiere episode.

Don’t let me down again‘in Spotify, Apple Music y Deezer.

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