The Last of Us

The Last of Us gives HBO Max a record after airing its second episode

There has been a high viewership growth in the series The Last of Us, which confirms that the dystopian genre still has a pull in viewers

With only two episodes aired, the new dystopian proposal for HBO Max. The adaptation from the well-known video gamemonopolizes the attention of a large part of the specialized media and becomes the point of greater interest every day.

After managing to be the series with the best premiere on HBO for 10 years, the broadcast of the second episode of ‘The last of us‘ has delivered a new record for the company.

According to the Nielsen streaming audience measure, along with data provided by Warner Bros itself, the second episode attracted a larger number of viewers. Specifically, to 5.7 million viewers. This means that the series has had a 22% increase compared to the premiere episode.

The Last of Us is a huge success for HBO

With what, ‘The last of us‘ becomes the top series on HBO Max after its second week of airing. But this does not end here. Nielsen has also offered a revealing fact, and that is that the first episode has already spoken more than 18 million reproductions.

The series falls directly into the pantheon of HBO’s most profitable, comparable only to the phenomenon ‘the dragon’s house‘island’Game of Thrones‘.

Source Variety

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The Last of Us records views of a Depeche Mode theme song by more than 200%. The adaptation has re-popularized a 1987 classic from the English group’s nineteenth single album.

The cordyceps fungus seen in the series is a real risk to humanity. The series presents a much more authentic world than we imagined.

The Last of Us becomes the best series in history and beats Breaking Bad. Users have spoken and think it’s better than Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones or The Wire.

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