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The House of the Dragon tops the list of the most pirated series in 2022

Will The House of the Dragon be able to surpass Game of Thrones in this as well? We tell you which series are on the list

Although since His house We are in favor of rewarding the efforts of all workers in the industry by legally subscribing to existing platforms or going to the cinema, we want to make you a part of list of the most downloaded series during the year 2022.

Despite the fact that every day more subscribers are signed up for the various offers on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime video, HBO Max, of the movie, Disney+, Lionsgate+, ABC, Peacock, Movistar+, Paramount+ island Apple TVmany people continue to use the Torrent network to “download” the premiere movies and episodes of the current series.

Not only that, there are plenty of websites to download movies in exquisite quality that are ripped from the same streaming platforms. Actually, even Emule continues to shake up today for specialized searches on specific things. You see, even though the industry is making it easier every day, downloads are our daily bread.

Will House of the Dragon dethrone Game of Thrones as the most pirated series?

Although it is clear that the greatest hits of the season are missing some titles. The list is headed by the most successful series, ‘The House of the Dragon’, which constantly duels with its predecessor series, ‘Game of Thrones’.

And even in this it compares both productions. Until now, the parent series continues to be the most downloaded series of all time, but with the speed at which its successor is scaling, we will soon be able to say that ‘the dragon’s house‘ not only surpasses its predecessor in audience, but it has also created so many expectations that it will already be pirated more than its predecessor.

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The 10 most pirated series in 2022

The website for downloads and information about the world of the torrent network, known as torrentfreakhas published list of the 10 most downloaded series in 2022. The list shows that the superhero genre continues to be very profitable and shows no signs of wear and tear, no matter how many naysayers insist otherwise. But at the top of the list is the hot new genre, fantasy.

And among the platforms that have pirated the most series, Disney+ is by far. Exactly:

  • the dragon’s house‘ (HBO Max)
  • Rings of power‘ (Amazon Prime Video)
  • The boys‘ Season 3 (Amazon Prime Video)
  • moon knight‘ (Disney+)
  • Glory’ (Paramount+)
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi‘ (Disney+)
  • The book about Boba Fett‘ (Disney+)
  • Stranger Things‘ (Netflix)
  • She Hulk: Hulk’s friend‘ (Disney+)
  • Andor‘ (Disney+)
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