The film, which is almost a 4-episode miniseries

The original duration of The Flash footage is revealed and it exceeds all expectations

Recently, during the private exhibition for some media and selected public of ‘Lightning’ At CinemaCon, Geektyrant media witnessed the magic that unfolded in front of viewers and could confirm that all the hype that has surrounded this film is more than deserved.

According to the editor, DC fans will be blown away by what is presented to them in this film.

Although the film has left a wonderful taste among those who saw it, there are those who wonder how much footage has been removed in the final version of ‘The Flash’ and therefore know how long the director’s cut was for this movie he reboots dc universe.

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The original version of The Flash is longer than a marathon

Andy Muschietti He was honest about this question and his answer has left many stunned: The original montage of ‘The Flash’ was over four hours long. This is how the filmmaker explains it.


“Well, if you watch the four-hour version of this film, which was my first cut, you’ll see what I left out. I’m definitely happier with this version than the four-hour version. You get excited and you start to improvise with the actors, and suddenly you have a scene that has doubled the duration as it was timed when they were working on the script.”

“But it happens all the time. It was also three and a half hours and ‘IT: Chapter 2’ was like five hours. Then you have to face the edit and say, ‘Okay. We’re going to cut an hour and a half out of this movie, and how are we going to do that?’ It’s always fun in the end.”

“At the end of the six months, it’s fun. At first it’s just chaos and everything you start doing is frowned upon in retrospect.”

The director stated that despite the changes made, the film version that hits theaters is still the “the best representation of the film”.

‘The Flash’ will be released on June 23, 2023

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