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the expiration of Michelle Yeoh brings good news

Star Trek: Discovery Section 31 Spinoff Creator Alex Kurtzman Shares Message of Hope for Michelle Yeoh Starring Series

10 days ago, the Galactic franchise congratulated Michelle Yeoh on getting Oscar for Best Actress for the movie Everything at once everywhere. Today is the flame of hope that the actress returns to the saga through separation of section 31 from the series Star Trek: Discovery.

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In a interview with SFX magazine, Alex Kurtzman, producer of the Star Trek serieshave talked about the future projects they have in mind, more specifically they have asked him about Kathryn Janeway’s character (Kate Mulgrew). “No, we have plans for new things. But yes, there are quite a few plans and you will soon find out about them. We will continue to expand the universe of Star Trek absolutelyKurtzman explained.

When is the Star Trek spin-off coming out?

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Next, he was asked if these projects included Section 31 spin-off contributor Michelle Yeoh. “I can tell you that we are still very excited about episode 31. And that’s all I’ll say.“, the co-creator expressed, giving hope to fans of the Star Trek universe.

regarding spin-off of Yeoh in particular updates have been few since the series it was first announced four years agoin January 2019. In this he would resume his the role of Mirror Georgiou to lead a centered series in Section 31 the division of Starfleet covert operations.

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Tanya Gilesa Paramount executive, confirmed in January 2023 that the series was still ongoing creation process.

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