The Equalizer 3 review

The Equalizer is one of the most spectacular sagas of the last decade, Antoine Fuqua concludes the trilogy of intelligence and covert operations operator Robert McCall, played by Denzel Washington

The equalizer (2014) was a success on the big screenmore than recouping the $55 million its production cost the grossing over 192.3 million at the box office. The success continued with the sequel, which grossed 190.4 million. This third part of the saga, in Spain, managed to collect almost 1.5 million euros and almost 200,000 spectators in the weekend of its premiere.

Robert McCall, the Good Samaritan

In 2014, when viewers met Robert McCallthis was presented as a Good Samaritana role he played perfectly Denzel Washingtonwho had already worked under the director Antonio Fuqua In Training day (2001), obtaining a great success with the public and critics.

John Wick, Robert McCall, Sony Pictures

In his introduction, McCall helped people in need around him.using violence when necessary like other celluloid vigilantes and vigilantes like the mythical Clint Eastwood OR Charles Bronson; Like these, McCall is quick in his methodsas far as it could be accommodated The continental and fans would appreciate a match against John Wick.

His industriousness in correcting evil acts against people made him a kind of an undercover hero that he didn’t boast about his actions, so the people he helped saw them as miraculous deeds; but, in the second feature film (2018), viewers were able to learn more about the reason for her actions, as well as the character’s origin along with her passed as a military man and member of special operations AND hidden.

The end of the road, An Italian summer

The equalizer 3 It is the last feature film in which Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington will play Robert McCall. If in previous films the action took place mainly in the United States, this time The plot takes place exclusively in southern Italyexcept one scene in Romewith the excuse that the ex-serviceman is looking for a place to retire.

John Wick, Robert McCall, Sony Pictures

The film begins with a extreme violencesomething that will happen throughout the entire plot, with some puzzling points as the beginning in the vicinity of Sicily and, without knowing exactly how he manages to get there, he gets to small coastal town near Naples.

This coastal town, where only the local population lives, without any hint of tourists or other foreigners despite it being summer – as indicated by the summer uniform of the Carabinieri -, seems like the ideal setting for a twilight westernwhere the distant West exchanges with a closer West, bathed by Mediterranean of the Neapolitan bay.

John Wick, Robert McCall, Sony Pictures

If McCall had done it addressed already at Russian organized crimeagainst the vorí v zakone more dangerous, and theirs former intelligence comradesthis time it’s the Italian organized crime is your enemywho he will face in a duel at dawn together with the local sheriff, his deputies and his fellow citizens.

Throughout the film, to create a favorable atmosphere for the showalthough far from reality, the plot has no problem mixing several Italian criminal organizations such as the MafiaTHE Argue wave ‘Ndranghetawho represent a rival for the hero to beat.

It’s true, what a mix elements taken from realityd, such as the threats of jihadist terrorism against the train station in END In Rome; or the agreements reached by the Italian organized crime with the Daesh to import contraband fuel (in the film it is drugs), the profits of which were used by the terrorist organization to acquire currency and weapons.

The raw violence throughout the film develops perfectly under the direction of Antoine Fuquaso the starting the stopwatch McCall’s bracelet unleashes a “Divine Wrath” against evildoers, as if it were a Bud Spencer of the 21st century played by Denzel Washington and, what’s more, lethal.

John Wick, Robert McCall, Sony Pictures

McCall and his nemesis are perfectly developed in the plotbut the rest of the characters are nothing more than mere actors, sorry for the redundancy, who barely contribute to the plot other than to be favorable victims and be able to connect the action sceneswhat are the high point of the feature film. McCall is not the Captain Last in the fight against the mafia, not at Judge Falcone OR Borsalinobut an exterminating angel beyond good and evil.

In short, seeit is worth paying the entrance fee to watch the apotheotic finale of The Equalizer trilogy, because it is an action film with little drops of terror, violent but very fun. Furthermore, it is a film that does not try to moralize or educate the viewer, it is simply an entertainment show, so that the audience can enjoy almost two hours sitting in their seats.

John Wick, Robert McCall, Sony Pictures

Technical data of the film:

Director: Antonio Fuqua.

Film script: Richard Wenk.

Manufacturers: Denzel Washington, Antoine Fuqua, Jason Blumenthal…
Distributor: Sony Pictures release.

Distribution: Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, David Denman, Gaia Scodellaro, Bruno Bilotta, Eugenio Mastrandrea.


Duration: 108 minutes

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