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The different clans of The Witcher: Blood Origin


The Witcher: Blood Origin is the spin-off based on Geralt de Rivia’s universe, where we are introduced to the ancient and glorious elven culture

The Witcher: Blood Origin, series that serves as a spin-off of That Witcherhas already been published in Netflix. Set 1200 years before the adventures from Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, Yennefer and Dandelion, the series chronicles the creation of the event known as the Conjunction of the Spheres, the cataclysm that brought humans and monsters to the continent.

Although the franchise Netflix is based on the fantastic literary saga of Geralt of Rivia (and also takes inspiration from video games), the series of Netflix set in said universe has exploited all the holes that the author Andrei Sapkowski leaves on the books for creative license.

It is true Sapkowski he never told many things in his novels but Netflix have been accused of twisting the information in the books to do what they want with them, something very similar to the accusations of a previous producer. Still, the platform cannot be blamed for wanting to expand its universe That Witcheralthough the criticism of Blood Origin They haven’t been good at all, so we’ll have to see what happens with the franchise.

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The Witcher: Blood Origin introduces new aspects never seen before in the saga of the wizard. The story tells of the end of the golden age of the elves. The series tells us the end of thousand years war, a conflict between three elven kingdoms that has lasted for a thousand years. Each of the royal families in each kingdom is protected by a clan of elite warrior elves who act as bodyguards and special forces.

A characteristic of these clans is that despite being warriors, they are not part of the army, as they do not respond to any military (not even the highest rank), they only respond to royalty (more specifically to the king) , which is why enjoyed a privileged situation. Not only did they act as protectors of the nobility, they also carried out special missions at the behest of the king, which could range from sabotage, assassination, torture or outright war crimes. Below we explain the different clans presented in The Witcher: Blood Origin.

Hound clan in The Witcher: Blood Origin

The royal bodyguards of the kingdom Xin’trea (which in the future would become the human realm of Cintra). They are experts in all known elven weapons, although they are true masters with the battle axe. In addition to their main weapon, they usually carry daggers as a last defense. They are known for having a direct and brutal fighting style. They are recognized for their dog tattoos and for the silver pendant that members usually wear. Known to be a patriarchal clan (although there are female warriors), they are the opposite of the Raven clan, which is made up mostly of women.

IN The Witcher: Blood Origin, mountain He belongs to this clan and had to become its next leader because his older brother died in battle. Although according to the clan leader, Osfalwho is also his father, caught him sleeping with the princess, he banished him and made the next clan leader his little sister, Roar.

The Witcher Blood Origin Fjall

with the death of Osfal, Roar and many other members of Dog clan in the princess coup you understand that mountain he was the only survivor of the clan. But with her death at the hands of her lover Other thingsmotivated by his incomplete transformation into a witch, it is implied that the Hound’s clan disappeared during connection of spheres.

Clan del Cuervo in The Witcher: Blood Origin

The majority of this clan is made up of women, although there are some men among its ranks. Although there are rumors of children drowning at birth, something terrible, but seeing what these clans did, there is nothing surprising. This clan defended the monarchy in the kingdom of Prysiaone of the three kingdoms that fought in the thousand year war.

This clan is known for using an agile fighting style, as if combat were a ballet dance. His signature weapons are small swords, which with their fluid fighting style are deadly tools.

In the beginning of The Witcher. Blood Origin, Cethlenn she was the clan leader. This was the mother of Other thingshis most talented warrior and at the same time his greatest disappointment. Other things was born with fighting skills not seen in generations, so the plan for Cethlenn it was to make her the best warrior and inherit the leadership of the clan over her sisters.

The Witcher Blood Origin Eile

To achieve your goal, Cethlenn send to Other things to be trained by one of the best fencers in the world. Continent, Knife of Ghost clan (which we will talk about next time). But during his studies he met his true passion, music. Discovering his new calling, in addition to the rejection and remorse he felt for the actions he had committed in the name of his clan (and forced by his mother), Other things left his family and became a traveling bard who would become known as La Lark,

Clan Fantasma in The Witcher: Blood Origin

Possibly the strangest and most mysterious clan of all those appearing in the The Witcher: Blood Origin. They were considered the best warriors in the entire continent, as war is like a kind of religion to them, yet they do not seek conflict, they only use their skills as a last resort. His most sacred weapon is the sword soul champion, which, according to the tribe’s beliefs, provides a door to the afterlife.

The ghost clan was the only clan of The Witcher: Blood Origin who served no noble family, they were elite nomadic warriors. Because of his nobility, the royalty of the various kingdoms respected his neutrality. But everything went wrong when he Clan Ghost refused to help the king Oak tree from Xin’trea below The Thousand Years War. In retaliation, the monarch poisoned the clan’s supplies and abducted the sacred Soul champion.

The Witcher Blood Origin Scian

After the attack, only one member of the clan survived, Knifewho was welcomed by clan of Cuervo like a master swordsman. Knife was the reason that Eile left her clan’s path and followed her heart, which is why she was exiled and began to live as a recluse, until the events of Blood Origin.

Clan of the Serpent in The Witcher: Blood Origin

Of all the clans that were in The Witcher: Blood Origin, It is the one that is least known as they did not have a relevant role during the events. They served as bodyguards for royalty from the Southern Kingdom onwards darwen.

From what little information there is about this clan is that they valued both male and female warriors. They fought in phalanx formation with large shields, spears and poisoned arrows. His strikes were known to be quick and accurate, like a snake bite.

The Witcher Blood Origins

After the coup, it is not known what happened to the members of the clan, but it is possible that their ranks were depleted after the monster attack. There are no known members of snake clan, but many think so Callan, known as Brother Death, might have belonged to the clan before he became a mercenary and go-getter. Although this seems more than just conjecture as there is no evidence over the course of the series Callan outer part of snake clan.

Will there be a season 2 of The Witcher: Blood Origin?

Netflix announced the show as a miniseries that chronicles a one-time event, viz Connection between the spheres, so there is no reason to renew the series for another season. Also because of the bad reviews it has received Blood Originthere would be no reason why Netflix I would like to renew it.

The Witcher: Blood Origin is available on Netflix.

The Witcher Blood Origin


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