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The creator of The Last of Us series clarifies whether they will follow the story beyond the video game

The Last of Us premieres January 15th on HBOMax and will adapt the entirety of the first video game

We are a few days away from being able to see the new series based on the video game The Last of Us, one of the most awarded and whose history has dazzled the public. In fact, for one of the creators of the series, it is the best story ever made into a video game. Maybe I have exaggerated a little, but it is true that she has tables to be able to be one great adaptationwith which i THR has been asked about possible forks in history. Craig Mazin is ready, a resounding no:

I don’t like the padding, the first season covers the entire first game. If there was a second season, it would include the sequel. We have no plans to tell any story beyond the adaptation of the games. We will not find ourselves with the same problem as Game of Thrones, as the second part does not end on a cliffhanger.

keep in mind that The Last of Us premieres January 15 on HBMax.

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