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The bad broadcast has a new target in its second season

In addition, Disney + has released two new posters of the series of these atypical Star Wars clones

The details that come to us from the second season of ‘The bad shipment‘, the series that tells the adventures and follies from Clone Force 99kind of defective clones that have become beloved characters by fans are rare.

We’ve discovered new costume designs and some small plot details that we already reported a few months ago. And despite the fact that the first notes indicated that the second season would arrive at the end of autumn this year, the series got a change of dates. It will be in 2023 when we have it available on the Disney+ platform.

But the latest teaser released to promote the new season has suggested a change in the fate of the main characters as it appears that Commander Rex You have an important new mission for this clone force.

These are inauspicious times for the galaxy, then galactic empire is being reinforced on all fronts, using the oppression of the people of the galaxy to extract every possible profit, slave labor, and materials to build the largest space fleet, the largest battle station, and the largest of armies.

A new hope is needed. We need heroes who risk their lives to defend the freedom of the galaxy.

New posters for the second season of La remitte mal

In addition, Disney + has released two new posters of two of the characters that show us some changes compared to last season. We leave you with them, and we invite you to future news, where we can tell you in more detail how the new season of these atypical Star Wars heroes would develop.

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