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The 9 best openings of the animated series from our childhood

For the Nostalgic: Cartoons to Remember: We Showcase the Best Cartoon Openings of the 80s and 90s

Every time I turn on the television and watch the cartoons that are now available for children, it is no wonder that they become more and more stupid. And I’m very sorry if I offend anyone, but I think it’s unfortunate that a damn mushroom with rolling eyes or a bear with a big gluttony problem and slightly suspicious tendencies with a tiger, a donkey and a pig as best friends , can teach something to today’s children (for more information on the problems with the ugly bear, whose name I will not name see here and for evidence of the speech sponge’s bad habits see here).

But we look back a little, and we shed a tear when we remember drawings like those of “Heidi“, “Marco“island “David the Goblin”a giggle escapes us as we remember the skirt-lifting midget who was a genius in every sport and especially in basketball “Earthquake Boy”,

We are also touched when we remember the goals Oliver Aton y Marc Lenders and stop off Benji Price y Ed Warner in “Master”our eyes pop out of our sockets when we remember it Ranma Saotome after pouring a bucket of cold water over it in Ranma 1/2, which my partner Musashi recently did an excellent review of, we simulated generating a large ball of fire and energy from our hands at Kamehameha’s shout of Goku when you remember “Dragon Ball” and we also think “it’s time to fight crime” when we think about “POLICE OFFICERS” and we continue to vibrate when we think of the words from What a Kabuto when he said it about Fists out! in “Mazinger-Z”.

These are all things that the cartoons of the past that we grew up with and became who we are (big, awesome and wonderful) have allowed us to remember that stage of our childhood with a special nostalgia. For this reason, we want to fuel the nostalgia and memories of our childhood even more with the following openings of these series in Spanish. There is no doubt that there are many more cartoon series, but it is clear that I could not put all of them, but if you want, you can take advantage of the comments on this post on our social networks to tell us some of your favorite childhood drawings to be able to prepare another opening part. In the meantime, enjoy my selection!



DRAGON BALL (Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Latin versions)

HEIDI (Spanish and Japanese version)



RANMA 1/2 (Spanish and Latin)



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