The 5 most ridiculous Power Rangers villains in its entire history

The 5 most ridiculous Power Rangers villains in its entire history

Looking at all the series these characters have had, we’ve come across these five villains that make our protagonists more ridiculous than dangerous.

5 Ridiculous Power Rangers Villains You Didn’t Think Existed

Over the years it’s gone consolidate a number of great importance in any self-respecting story. For any plot to work, the main villain of it It has to be a respectable person and it inspires a certain fear, so it can mean a big threat. This goal has not always been achieved and many of our heroes have one a large number of villains that have ended up making us laugheither by its purpose or by its appearance.

Because today we have to set eyes on a group of heroes that already started as something not so serious. We’re talking about Power Rangers since it’s about a rather old concept and he has had many variant series to his credit, each with very different villains. Today we will put the eyes on Power Rangers villains that are outrageously ridiculous. This will exempt enemies like Rita or Zedd who will have had better or worse moments but have been respected.

Without further adding and indicating that we are dealing with villains from all of the Power Rangers series, let’s begin.


We start the list strong, since We start with an enemy whose name indicates what it is. It’s a giant purse that was created by Lord Zedd through what he found in the pink ranger’s bag. It appeared in Morphin Power Rangers and the truth is that the powers they present are quite strange. not only have freezing powersbut also have a great force, being a rival at the end for the White Ranger and giving rise to being defeated to return to Kimberly’s bag. We don’t know what was going through their heads, but the design was terrible.

Slob Goblin

We have to stop for another franchise series, more specifically of Ninja Storm, that this villain appears in several episodes, something hugely surprising. Being freed from the abyss of evil and sent to fight the rangers of the villain Lothor. Its appearance is like a mailbox with multiple tongues and a mouth that licks its enemies to turn them into seals. After a match in giant format and using the Megazord, they manage to defeat himbut the mere fact that he uses his tongue to fight, for sure sorry for more than one.

Sir. Ticklesneezer

We’ve already left villains off other series and we will only focus on Mightin Morphin Power Rangers. Basically, it’s the turn of a villain from the franchise that was born from the hands of Rita Repulsa, who transformed a doll from the Trini character collection into this horrible creature. Wearing different bottles to be able to store things that were foundRita wanted this to be created by her to try and stop the Power Rangers that may be defeated by the Red Ranger and makes everything return to normal.

Turkey move

If in itself the name of this villain is quite offensive, the look it has would not be different. He appeared in a two-part story and was created by Bulk and Skull to learn the identities of the Power Rangers. formed a robot turkey that ended up being alive thanks to Lord Zedd’s intervention. Seeing the pair as his parents, he pays attention to everything, is ultimately defeated and destroyed by the rangers, and does not go out again. After the our hero’s town had food to stop a train.

Pumpkin Rasp

We must finish, because the truth is We’ve already been able to see everything on this list of villains. It is about a Halloween-themed villain who has an upside-down pumpkin for a head and was planted by Squatt and Baboo in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Basically speaks in rhyme and uses his tentacles and pumpkin bombs to fight. For some strange reason, it’s a monster that Zedd likes and will appear several times, find defeat and destruction in them all.

Which of these weird Power Rangers villains do you prefer?

The truth is that almost all the villains on this list are laughable, because the way they were conceived and the way they fought the rangers was pretty ridiculous. In the history of every character who has fought against evil, an attempt has been made to elaborate a large number of villains to be able to have many types of threats and open fronts, but there have been times when this has bordered on the absurd. Each of these five villains clearly demonstrate that.

Many may think so the way the Power Rangers series was made and the source of inspiration could lead to this, but they really have had some of the most powerful and badass villains over the years. As we already said, Zedd or Rita are more than worthy villains for them, but hey it wasn’t going to be all that wonderful. Let’s remember that even the great superheroes like Superman or Spider-Man They’ve also had the most ridiculous villains. Tell us What are the Power Rangers villains that make you laugh the most? and if you share this list with us.

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