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The 5 best sports anime (spokon) of your childhood

Not everything was football, we also have volleyball, dodgeball or baseball among the best sports anime from when you were little

Weekend mornings which we spent in front of the television as children full of series that marked our childhood. How not to remember Knights of the Zodiac or Dragon Ball, but there were also a large number of sports series, it is not a current trend, and from La Casa de EL we would like to remind you of 5 of these sports anime so that you can return to your youth. Do you have other candidates? Tell us your favorite sports anime in our Telegram channel.

Oliver and Benji

The best sports anime from your childhood Oliver and Benji

Let’s get this out of the way quickly. Talking about children’s sports anime is automatically talking about Champions, Oliver and Benji. In addition to its mythical opening and the meme of the curvature of the planet, its epicity of its matches, the overcoming of limits and charismatic characters made this series a legend. Few today hear the first notes and do not begin to sing, or continue to discuss who they were if Oliver Atom or by Marc Lenders.

Boy earthquake

The best sports anime from your childhood Earthquake Boy

You might be surprised to see this series here as many remember it for its humor, but basically Earthquake Boy (Dash Kappei in Japan) was a basketball series. Ever since he joined his high school basketball club, he has caused quite a stir due to his behavior, although at the same time he also manages to great performances with the team and his legendary 3-point shooting. The history of the series in Spain is far from the original anime, as the dubbing took many licenses.

Two out of the ordinary, Juana and Sergio

The best sports anime from your childhood Juana and Sergio

Before Haykyuu In Spain there was already a fever for volleyball and it is that, unlike his country of origin, in our country he conquered all the children who were immediately encouraged to join the clubs of this sport. Attacking you!which is its original title, speaks not only of improvement, but also of sport as liberation, which personal discovery and maturity.

Bola de Dan

The best sports anime from your childhood Bola de Dan

Dodge ball It has never been a very Spanish sport… It is true that dodgeball was practiced in some institutes, for many it was a discovery thanks to Bola de Dan. As always in anime, things need to be exaggerated, and in this case, there is legendary players of this sport, as the father of the protagonist who mysteriously disappears. From here, the main character Dan trains like crazy to get into his school team.


The best sports anime from your childhood Batters

And speaking of not particularly Spanish sports, here we bring baseball, heir to Oliver and Benji’s prime-time morning. This series combined sports with love with an impossible love triangle between two brothers and their neighbor. One brother responsible, the other a disaster, although one tragic accident it will make things change forever. Touch (Japanese name) anime had more than 100 chapters.

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