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Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir twice

Yesterday at 19:30 (Brazilian time) Mundo Gloob was again ahead of the rest of the TV channels by premiering episodes 19 and 20 of season 5 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Did you understand Pretension? Let us tell you what happened

Adrinette in disguise

In it chapter Assertion (episode 19 of season 5) we have Marinette and Adrian officially as a couple. When Adrian goes out with Kagami from his fencing class, Marinette picks him up and the pair agree to talk to his father, Gabriel Agreste, so they can be an open and calm couple without having to hide.

When they are in the kitchen of the Agreste mansion, a place where important conversations between the villains and the main characters take place, Gabriel sends Adrián to his room, and from what he has shown us in the series, it is probably because of the power. he wears thanks to half of the madness found in his twin ring (Nathalie has the other) that gave life to Adrián.

Marinette talks to Gabriel

Gabriel threatens to ruin Marinette’s future as a designer thanks to his influence if she decides to keep her son. Faced with this, our protagonist is undaunted and tells Adrián (for the first time in the series in a canonical way) that I love him and that they will always be together no matter what.

The chapter ends with Adrian being informed that he will be leaving for London soon, something that Marinette keeps to upset her. This could be the watershed for what happens at the end of the season.

Felix returns as Argos again

And speaking of London, and parallel to the above, our favorite Londoner, Felix Fathom, the owner of the peacock miraculous, is spying on Kagami because he wants to free her from her mother, Tomoe Tsurugi. Let’s remember that in the previous chapter, Emotion, Felix realized that Kagami is a sentimonster (just like Adrian and himself) and he uses his Argos cloak so that Kagami (and his cousin in the previous chapter) can find it freedom like her mother does. not allow her to have.

Argos takes Kagami away from his mother, but she asks Monarca to akumatize her so she can go after him. Ladybug and Cat Noir show up and want to confront Argos for taking her friend, but she comes to her defense, saying that he doesn’t know how to express his feelings and that he just wants to help her.

Feligamy is real

In the confrontation with the akuma, Ladybug (the guardian of the miraculous) decides to let Argos go for the time being, and in the post-credits scene (or rather postcard), it is seen how Felix gives Tomoe’s daughter the ring with her madness and tells her that she from now of making their own rules, shaking hands and letting it be understood that they are romantically interested.

Gabriel and the Catastrophe

Regarding the disaster that Gabriel Agreste has been dealing with since Season 5 Episode 3 (Destruction), he has tried to undermine him to buy more time to restore Emilie and save Nathalie from the same fate, as well as himself from the disaster. The machine to use the magic of the komis to your advantage does not work at all, so you will continue to look for solutions.

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