Superman & Lois - Superman - Michael Cudlitz - Lex Luthor

Superman & Lois further diverges from the Arrowverse with a new actor for Lex Luthor

After Jon Cryer’s refusal to continue, Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman series opens the door to a new actor that we already saw in The Walking Dead

The new season of ‘Superman & Lois’ stands out even more from the Arrowverso. We can say that the series itself no longer belongs to this universe. A TV universe that could soon cease to exist entirely after taking over as head of DC Studios of James Gunn.

After Cryer’s refusal to continue playing the main antagonist Iron Man After the end of season 2, the series opens the door to a new actor, who is well known to viewers as he was a regular fixture in the cast of the successful ‘The Walking Dead‘ for several seasons.

Superman & Lois - Superman - Michael Cudlitz - Lex Luthor

Michael Cudlitz will portray a new version of Luthor

The actor who also lends his voice to the animated series ‘Invincible‘, will play a new version of Luthor in this Season 3and he will come to get revenge on Superman and Lois.

Michael Cudlitz He is known worldwide for having played the role of Abraham in ‘The Walking Dead‘, who also served as director for four episodes of the series.

What will Cudlitz’s Luthor be like in Hoechlin’s Superman series?

According to the description of the character, Luthor will maintain his public identity as a successful businessman, billionaire and owner of the multinational Lexcorp. But secretly he is a ruthless criminal. An insane psychopath known in the world of the underworld and in the criminal field. A type that is valid for him to use any means to achieve his goals.

According to the same report, the character will have a very defined goal: to get revenge on the characters being played Elizabeth Tulloch and Hoechlin for being the two people he has been offended by.

The Last Son of Krypton will do everything in his power, and more!, to stop this new Luthor played by Cudlitz. He will move heaven and earth for his family. But as the news of Weekly entertainment:

“Maybe not all of Superman’s power will serve to stop this madman’s plans.”

Source EW

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