Steve Urkel - Star Wars - Skeleton Crew

Steve Urkel arrives in a galaxy far, far away

The actor Jaleel White is the new signing of a Star Wars series. we tell you which one

the universe of ‘star wars’ It continues to expand, and this time the surprise comes from one of the most beloved actors on TV in the 90s: Jaleel white. The artist, known for his role as Steve Urkel in ‘hustling’will be part of the cast of an upcoming series in that galaxy far, far away.

During an interview recently shared by @zjlaing on Twitter, Jaleel officially announced that he has been cast in the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ series to air on Disney+.

Steve Urkel - Star Wars - Skeleton Crew

Jaleel joins the cast of Skeleton Crew, the Star Wars franchise starring Jude Law

The well-known actor is already part of the series’ cast, let’s remember: It stars Jude Law and its plot will revolve around a group of children led by the actor who will travel through the galaxy in search of adventure, dangers and threats on every planet they visit.


“Oh wow, I’m actually going to be in a new series on Disney+ starring Jude Law called ‘Skeleton Crew’… So it’s a big change for me, man. I had to do my makeup for two hours every day. I can be a pirate

The series promises to be a mix between the nostalgic film ‘The Goonies’ and room baggage. But of course our heroes won’t be alone…

On their journey, the group of children will run into the evil pirates that we have seen before in ‘The Mandalorian’. As confirmed, these will be the main villains of the series, likely led by Marti Matulis’ wing. And this is where Jaleel comes into play.

Jaleel’s mysterious role

Although the actor has not revealed many details about his character in the series, he has announced that he plays a pirate and that he has to submit, “two hours of makeup every day”.

This suggests that his role may be an important one in the plot, a recurring character, and that he will likely be one of the main antagonists that the children led by Law will face.

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