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Stephen Amell thinks he’ll be donning the Arrow suit again

Stephen Amell isn’t hanging up Arrow’s suit or arrows and believes he’ll play the character again in future DC projects

How we read it Stephen Amell don’t think he’ll be hanging up on The CW’s The Flash series, where he last appeared as Arrow in Season 9 Episode 9 on April 26. He is convinced that he will once again be Oliver Queen, the character that brought him so much success during 170 episodes and 8 seasons which lasted its own series.

Talking with TV Line, he was asked if his work as an emerald archer was finished. His answer was clear and concise: “I do not believe it“.

It appears that the role was reportedly played for the last time in the CW series The Flash According to Amell himself, it will not be the last. Does this mean the character will be restored for a new series? The actor also expressed that this option was not viable with the following statement:

We had a good run on the CW Arrowverse, but the idea of ​​22 or 23 episodes a year… It’s a very specific way of doing television, with breaks and all that. I got tired of playing Arrow in that particular medium. But the idea of ​​going back and doing something in a limited way or making a movie could be interesting.

In fact, Amell himself spoke about a few days ago opportunity to return with his character to James Gunn’s DCU. Will we get to see him don the Green Arrow suit as one upcoming new member of the Gunn Justice League? Or will he return episodically for a new series outside of the Arrowverso? Do you believe, as he believes, that his character is not finished? You can count your impressions on any of our social networks.

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