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Solved doubts about the placement in the Star Wars timeline of Season 2 of SW: The Bad Shipment

Jennifer Corbett, producer of La Remesa Mala, has revealed where she stands on the Star Wars canon

After know some details on Season 2 of ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch‘, and knowing one of the new missions for these peculiar clones, the doubts surrounding the series and its place in the Star Wars timeline have already been resolved.

If there’s one thing that concerns any good fan, be it UCM, Anime, DCU, the fantasy genre, or any adaptation or saga with many years behind it, it’s respect for the blessed canon. We’ve seen it with the controversial ‘The Rings of Power’, which has been showered with criticism on various social networks, forcing Amazon to rethink the future of the series and how they want to tell it.

Omega from The Bad Batch grows up as Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars

In this case, there was some doubt about the location of season 2 of ‘The bad consignment’, but its producer, Jennifer Corbett, has revealed its location in the Star Wars canon. The reference is of course episode 4, as the series hasn’t gotten there yet. In addition, he has said that between one season and the other there have been “a couple of months”.

This comes from an official poster released a week ago where you could see the character of omega already grown.


“When we first meet her, it’s been a few months since the Season 1 finale, and she’s a little more trained, she’s got the helmet on, she’s got a new look, and she really fits into them. He explores very much its growth. as things get a little more complicated for the group and for the galaxy.”

If we remember that the previous season took place 19 years before Episode 4, this new season is set a little less than the first film in the series. The time we still have leaves room to both introduce new characters and bring in some more iconic ones.

Although the showrunners of the series have kept most of the details of the new season under wraps, what is known so far, which is little, acts as a remnant for the expectations of fans to increase each time. May the force be with you… We’ll keep reporting.

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