Shawn Levy, from Deadpool 3 to Star Wars

The acclaimed director of Stranger things AND Deadpool 3, Shawn Levy has accepted the challenging task of directing a Star Wars film with Lucasfilm

Deadpool 3, LucasFilm, Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Levy, Star Wars

From the family comedy to the universe of galaxies

After hearing the news, curiosity invades us. What kind of story will Levy offer us in this well-known yet mysterious universe? In a recent interview with Total Film, the director was excited about the opportunity, describing it as something on his “bucket list.”

“Getting that call was an amazing day. I was in the editing room All the light we can’t see and I saw on my phone it was Kathy Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm,” Levy said. The start of this conversation led to him being invited to develop and direct his own Star Wars film. “I’m putting everything into it. what I have, because I love that world and it is a privilege to be able to join that galaxy.”

The passion and dedication that Levy is showing for his Star Wars project is evident. It should be remembered that many projects in this saga have been announced in the past but, unfortunately, many of them have never seen the light.

Deadpool 3, LucasFilm, Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Levy, Star Wars

The director, speaking of his enthusiasm for the project, reflected: “If they had told me while I was directing Big fat liar that one day I would work on the biggest franchise in the world and direct the Marvel films followed by Star Wars, I would have told you “You are completely crazy.” But it’s so exciting. And it’s the kind of large-scale storytelling I’ve always dreamed of.”

Levy’s evolution on the big screen

Shawn Levy has had a remarkable evolution in his career, moving from family comedies to major productions. “It started ironically with Night at the museum, where you’re really building a world and incorporating comedy and heart,” commented the director. He added that he was lucky enough to receive calls from both Marvel and Lucasfilm, something he always hoped would happen. And now, with the opportunity to immerse himself in the Star Wars universe, he is determined to do his best.

Deadpool 3, LucasFilm, Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Levy, Star Wars

Engaged in Star Wars

The filmmaker is aware that the Star Wars projects seemed to be stalled and, in this regard, expressed: “I have this golden ticket to a distant galaxy and I will dedicate myself to developing a script that will give me the privilege of making this movie. I don’t join in on things because they look cool in a commercial. I join in on things that I intend to do. And you better believe I’m not going to waste this great opportunity. “I’m going to work hard.”

The big question…

One of the curiosities that we have in mind is: will Ryan Reynolds be included in his cast? We certainly hope that Shawn Levy lives up to his promise and makes a unique and amazing Star Wars movie.

A master of adaptability in Hollywood

Shawn Levy is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile and respected directors and producers in the contemporary film industry. Born in Montreal, Canada, in 1968, his passion for cinema led him to Stanford University, where he graduated with honors. But it is his ability to adapt to different genres and formats that has earned him a prominent place in Hollywood.

Since his first forays into filmmaking, Levy has demonstrated a unique ability to capture the essence of narrative, regardless of genre. From the comedy with Companions to family adventure in Night at the museumhis versatility has allowed him to connect with audiences of all ages.

Deadpool 3, LucasFilm, Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Levy, Star Wars

Stranger things, The acclaimed Netflix series is perhaps one of his most notable successes as a producer. This series, which mixes science fiction, drama and elements of the 1980s, has been praised by both critics and fans around the world.

However, what makes Levy special is his ability to infuse heart and humanity into his projects. Whether through intelligent writing, precise direction, or clear vision, Shawn ensures that audiences don’t just watch a film or series, but feel and experience it. This natural empathy is, without a doubt, what has solidified his success in the industry and what promises great things for his future in the Star Wars universe.

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