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Secret Invasion will be a series of intertwined events from across the MCU

Don Cheadle, star of Armor Wars, reveals the important connection between his film and the Secret Invasion series

From its conception, ‘Secret invasion‘ It should be a series of multiple connections to the whole of the UCM, of all the phases in which it has been developed. The show’s premise opens up its plot to the possibility of navigating the entire timeline that we’ve seen so far in film and television. In fact, it has been confirmed on previous occasions that the series will be an important piece of the puzzle that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is involved in on a cosmic level.

Something like this has come to confirm Cheadle in a recent interview with the media Total movie announces what this series stands for UCM and specifically for his film, ‘Armor Wars’.

“It’s a trade! And it’s a very big world. And now that everyone can participate in each other’s movies or shows… I mean, I’m in ‘Secret Invasion.’ So I’m in the Sam series [Jackson]. There’s a part of that that starts what happens in Armor Wars.”

This is what awaits War Machine in Armor Wars

War Machine has not been a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has been very developed. In contrast to. Many other superheroes who have passed through the screen have been richer in detail and nuance. And that’s why they’ve made it to the list of viewers’ favorite characters. This changes with the new ‘Tank wars‘.


“I don’t think we’ve ever delved into him, and it’s now a great opportunity to really explore his emotional life, his inner life, his relationships, his journey, where he wants to go and what his challenges are.”

“Of course you have to pay for Marvel material. And continue in the canon of the mythology of the character and the UCM in general. But the goal is to try to really develop the character and make him a three-dimensional guy. So that excites me.”

Source Total movie The direct

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