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Season 4 Finale Title Revealed

Boys director Eric Kripke shares the final name of the final episode of the upcoming season

With his possible arrival the end of 2023, The boys’ team is finishing preparations for the premiere of the new season. So much so that orchestra leader From this project, Erik Kripkehas revealed the possible last chapter title of it, written by Jessica Chou and David Reed.

Eric Kripke shared a photo on Twitter with data from the last episode of the fourth season of The Boys. With number #408the episode corresponds to the title of «Assassination Run«, which the director seems to feel particularly excited about, or so he expressed in the message that accompanies the picture.

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However this It has not been an isolated event. Kripke himself repeated the strategy August 2022 for the purpose of advertising recording start of the new season. On that occasion, he released a “tweet” revealing the title of the first episode, “Department of Dirty Tricks«.

When is the new season of The Boys coming out?

Currently The Boys season 4 does not have an official release datebut it is expected to come late 2023 or early 2024 a Prime Video.

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