Sarandos and Peters, Netflix executives, respond to complaints about recent cancellations

And they expect everyone who shares an account to pay for Netflix very soon

These are turbulent times and changes in many areas, and the fitness industry, which has experienced an excessive boom all these years, would not stop being ignorant of these circumstances. Because, Netflix has decided to charge all those who share an account, try new formulas for issuing content and clarify the controversy generated by the recent cancellations of series such as “1899‘,’The warrior nun‘island’Ultrasecretion‘. Cancellations that, as always happens, are associated with reactions of rejection, disagreement and even insults on social networks.

For this reason, Sarandos has made it clear to its customers that these canceled series were not successful.


“We’ve never canceled a hit show. A lot of those shows were well-intentioned, but they were aimed at a very small audience with a very big budget.”

And further added:

“The key is to be able to speak to a small audience with a small budget and a large audience with a bigger budget. If you do it right, you can go on forever.”

Free Netflix with commercials for the purest free-to-air TV system

Advertising is the next big battle for streaming companies. Knowing their artistic potential, their investment and catalog explore the free ad-supported live content service. The synergy between both entertainment models seems to open up new opportunities for equality rather than distance. Some look at others in terms of profitability formulas.

Actually, Peters believes the next multi-billion dollar opportunity for the platform in the future is advertising. Even resorting to the old system of presenting series in the open with ads on a channel with content without subscription of any kind. And even keep the new basic ad-supported system at the same time. Therefore, this new business model will not be something we will not see during 2023.


“Think of it as zero two months ago and then billions of dollars in three years”

“But if we offer a ‘Wednesday’ every week, if we offer a ‘glass onion’ every week, we will get the vast majority of those viewers back.”

When will you pay for Netflix password sharing?

Unfortunately, the time left for users to share their password is short. According to other unconfirmed rumors in this interview, the date chosen by Netflix is ​​next March. At that point, non-payers will have no choice to view the content but checkout. And the two CEOs are no strangers to possible backlash for this action.


“The vast majority of people who don’t pay for Netflix have to pay for Netflix. He reaches a fairly fixed position. This is not going to be a universally popular type of event. There will be dissatisfied customers

“Those people know how to watch Netflix. They watched something on Netflix that they loved. Our job is to win them all back within the next two years. We’re not going to do it right away. Some of those people are sensitive, because they are more price sensitive, less engaged or whatever.”

Source Bloomberg

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