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Sacha Baron Cohen could play an infamous Marvel Universe character in a Disney special

A rumor claims that Sacha Baron Cohen will make his MCU debut as an infamous Marvel Comics character known for being the absolute embodiment of evil.

the famous actor Sacha Baron Cohen could be chosen to play the infamous Marvel Comics character, Mephisto, in an upcoming special presentation by Marvel Studios for the streaming platform Disney+.

Rumors surfaced in October 2022 that Cohen would make his UCM debut as Mephisto in the Disney+ series ‘Ironheart’, a spin-off inextricably linked to the legacy of Tony Stark e Iron Manand a direct sequel to the film ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’.

This information was soon after confirmed by an anonymous source close to the production cited by Deadline. The fact that Cohen has been spotted at the Pinewood studios, normally reserved for Marvel Studios productions, has further fueled the speculation.

What personal touch will Sacha Baron Cohen give his character in UCM?

Jeff Schneider, from the podcast The warm microphonehas reported that a special presentation of the character is currently underway on the set of Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series, ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’.

According to the reporter, Cohen has been confirmed to play Mephisto in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is in line with previous reports. But the question, knowing Baron’s professional background, is whether he will give him a touch of the borderline humor that the actor displays. It will be interesting to find out.

Mephisto’s path to UCM

This fictional demon was created by Stan Lee y John Buscema and first appeared in the comic’Silver Surfer‘ in 1968. Although he is often depicted as the archetype of the Christian devil, the character was actually inspired by Mephistopheles, a demon from German folklore. The character became famous for his role in Marvel Comics’ infamous ‘One More Day’ storyline.

Since the Disney+ series premiered ‘WandaVision’fans have endlessly speculated when this monster could appear in a Marvel Studios production, and the controversy intensified even more after Phase 4 of the MCU ended without receiving the character’s presence until now.

If the rumors are true and Sacha becomes this infamous creature, he will be responsible for giving life to one of the most complex characters in the history of Marvel Comics.

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