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Russia Calls for Family Guy Ban After Season 21 Episode 20 Announcement

Chelyabinsk’s Russian officials feel under attack after Meg’s tour of the city in Season 21

Meg has traveled to Russia in Family Guy Season 21 Episode 20 and Chelyabinsk city officials believe they have been unjustly bombarded by the events of that episode.

The titles in Spanish of the specific episodes of the disagreement have been “From Russia with Love” (episode 19) and “Adult Education” (episode 20). According to Yana Lantrova, Chelyabinsk regional deputy believes that in the season 21 finale they made fun of the city and the Russian country in general. Why do you think that?

It seems that Meg fell in love with a Russian hacker and accompanied by Brian and Stewie, they go to the previously mentioned town for Griffin’s oldest daughter to start a relationship with her new boyfriend. So far so good. However, the bomb that fell on outraged Russian officials It was at that moment that Meg begins to interpret a parody of the famous song from Beauty and the Beast, while several events take place that do not leave the Russian people in a very good place.

These events that Meg encounters while singing are for some drunk peopleothers fightingbeing bribed, police officers poking a man with a Ukrainian flag and ends with nuclear reactor meltdown.

All this has raised blisters, which is why Lantrova expressed his desire to ban the famous series of Seth McFarlane in the following words:

The artist is entitled to his vision, but this is a deliberately offensive artistic image that has nothing to do with reality. This is a deliberate work against our country. Information war through artistic works. They deliberately create an image of Russia as a country where everyone is dissatisfied with life, drinks, uses drugs and accepts bribes.

As if all this wasn’t enough, we know Mila Kunis, who voices Meg, was born in Ukraine and has shown his unconditional support for the Ukrainian people, so the tension becomes clear. Will the Russians see Family Guy season 22 Or will it end up being banned, as the outraged and offended Chelyabinsk regional deputy has raised? Be that as it may, even if next season does not reach Russia, we can be sure that at least until 2025 The rest of us will be able to continue to enjoy the crazy things of the Griffin family.

The truth is, if Batman himself has already fallen, we wouldn’t be surprised if Family Guy has come to an end in the land of Vladimir Putin.

Source: Newsweek

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