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Rogue Squadron is still in production

The president of LucasFilm clarifies the rumors about this film and other Star Wars projects and dismisses the bad omens

At the head of LucasFilm, Kathleen Kennedy, has recently confirmed that the film ‘Rogue Squadron’ still in production and the rumors that it had been shelved were false.

The film was first announced in 2020 with Patty Jenkins As Deputy Director, she has been the subject of speculation about her future since it was reported that her production had been delayed due to Jenkins’ involvement in the ill-fated ‘Wonder Woman 3’ discarded by the new managers of DC Studios. Some time later there were rumors about its cancellation and various misinformation.

Director Patty Jenkins continues work on Rogue Squadron

Jenkins confirmed in December 2022 that the film was still in active development and that the delay in production was due to his involvement in the DC film, which has now been scrapped. Which is proof that the filmmaker is still committed to taking the script forward. Once it is ready, the next step will take place. This is confirmed by Kathleen herself.

The director explained that “Lucasfilm will only make these movies when they are ready to be made and will release them when they are ready to be released”. Something obvious, however, is a sign that quality wins over quantity.

Although it is unknown when pre-production of ‘Rogue Squadron’Kennedy also mentioned that the Disney+ series, ‘Lando’, Continue. The only unconfirmed film is Kevin Feige’s untitled film.

What can we expect from Rogue Squadron when it finally hits the big screen?

In a 2020 interview, Jenkins said:

“I think the story of Rogue Squadron is so good because it’s a great combination of action and emotion and a great character story”

Rogue Squadron - Star Wars - Disney

‘Rogue Squadron’ is based on a video game of the same name from the 1990s, which focused on a group of pilots from rebel alliance who fought against galactic empire. Although not much is known about the film’s plot, it is likely that it will follow a group of pilots fighting against first orderwhich was introduced in the sequel trilogy, unless it is decided to change the time period in which the plot takes place.

So there’s no telling when pre-production will start, let alone filming, but we know from the best source that all these projects are moving forward, and that’s just great news for all ‘Star Wars’ fans. We will continue to inform you.

Source Empire Magazine Reddit

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