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Robert Pattinson will be Bruce Wayne again before The Batman 2 arrives

Batman 2 might not be the next time we see Robert Pattinson don the mantle of Batman in James Gunn’s Elseworlds series.

The fans who were most eager to enjoy Robert Pattinson under Batman’s cape, they have all the visas that their wishes are granted. Thanks to information coming from a new rumor that claims the star of ‘Batman’ He has a new appearance as the best detective in comics, which takes place before the release of the sequel to his film.

It will satisfy fans of the character and from the first Elseworlds of the new era of the DCU by James Gunn. And that’s it in the last episode of podcast by Hot Micit has been confirmed that there are strong rumors pointing to Pattinson appearing in the series which he is preparing Matt Reeves For him Batverso.

Batman in the Penguin series by Colin Farrell

This would be the spin-off of Penguin. The Farrell-starring series doesn’t have a confirmed release date, so since it’s already filming, all indications are that it will be released before the second part of the Batverse arrives.

“It is said that Pattinson will appear in the series ‘The Penguin'”

This would make the Reeves series HBO Max in Pattinson’s next speech at The DC Universe. What has not been specified if his appearance will be as Wayne or as the masked vigilante of Gotham.

Source The warm microphone

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Robert Pattinson’s Batman will be Gunn’s first DC Elseworlds. James Gunn and Safran describe how these productions will fit together and announce that they won’t be the only ones under the DC Elseworlds brand.

Revealed the release date of The Batman 2 by Reeves and Pattinson. The sequel was no secret, but its release date was not known. Thanks to Gunn, there is already a definite date.

The Riddler confirms the existence of Superman’s hometown in the Batverse. The character that Matt Reeves reformulated for his film has integrated the city, but… also Superman?

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