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Rick and Morty will no longer have their original voice for season 7

Speculation about the continuity of Rick and Morty ends, the series is guaranteed its continuity, but with a very relevant change

I was in the air. The rumors that arose did not bode well for the continuity of the animated series ‘Rick and Morty’. Season 7 seemed like it was doomed not to happen due to the legal problems of the co-creator of the characters, Justin Roiland.

But there is good news, as the rumors and speculations end at this moment, thanks to a statement on the series’ official Twitter account. In it, with a very short statement, almost a note, they have made it clear that the continuity of the series of Swimming for adults is secured. Congratulations to all followers of this incredible and peculiar series.

Rick and Morty
Justin Roiland

Roiland’s serious crimes are the reason for the break with Rick and Morty

But this pleasant news is accompanied by information that is not so pleasant, and that is that the investigation has severed professional ties with Roiland due to charges he faces for sexual assault, threats, fraud and/or deception. For these alleged crimes, Roiland was imprisoned and later released on bail thanks to the payment of the same, which was set by Justice at 50,000 dollars. He was prosecuted in October 2020. He is the voice of both characters, so even if the series continues, there will be a notable and decisive change for the next season.

Losing the original voice of the main characters is not a tasty dish for the studio or for the viewers.

Despite all of this, and not to go into more gruesome detail, it was about the continuity of the series. And luckily as Adult Swim had managed to fill half of the 70-episode long order for the series. Let’s not forget that Rick and Morty is a banner for the company and one of the flagships since it was launched in 2018.

Source The Hollywood Reporter

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