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Star Wars: The Bad Batch has revealed what happened to Commander Cody after Order 66

Star Wars has finally revealed what happened to Commander Cody behind order 66 in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The revelation takes place in episode 3 of the second season of Star Wars: La remesa mala. The episode follows Crosshairswho returned to the Empire after drifting on the planet Chimney for more than a month. Now you will be under the command of Commander Cody, who at that time came to work with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Cody’s relationship with Kenobi didn’t end well, like Darth Sidious he issued order 66 to all clone troopers. Cody confronted Obi-Wan Kenobi and ordered his team to try to kill him, but Obi-Wan managed to escape.

Commander Cody’s appearance in The Bad Shipment

The latest episode of The bad shipment shows Cody for the first time in the Star Wars universe since Order 66, and the switch from the Republic to the Empire weighs heavily on him. He meets Crosshair outside Monument to the first battleand they talk about Clone Force 99 and other clones that have been removed without permission. Crosshair calls them traitors like the Jedi and Cody shrugs and says so “good soldiers follow orders”Although he doesn’t seem very convinced.

Cody leads a team to the planet Desix, where a separatist group holds the Imperial Governor hostage. Cody and Crosshair work together to complete the mission and encounter Separatist Tawni Ames. She tells them about a time when some Separatists offered a peace proposal to the Republic, but the Chancellor Palpatine I reject her. “Peace was never an option”Ames points out. Cody offers peace in this situation and allows Ames to live if he gives up his hostage. She agrees. Unfortunately, after being released, the Imperial Governor orders Ames to be executed. Although Cody resists fulfilling his promise to Ames, Crosshair kills her.

After what happened, Cody meets Crosshair at the First Battle Monument and asks if they are improving the galaxy, but Crosshair reminds him that they are soldiers. This is the last time Crosshair sees Cody, as when he reports for his upcoming duties, he finds that Cody has gone AWOL. .

Star Wars: The Bad Batch premieres new episodes on Wednesdays at Disney+.

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