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Revealed the image of Emilia Clarke as a Skrull in Secret Invasion

Clarke, who plays the character G’iah in Secret Invasion, in his alien form

British actress Emilia Clarkeknown for his role in ‘Game of Thrones’, has presented his role as G’iah in the new trailer for the ‘Secret Invasion’ series.

In this new series, Clarke plays the adult daughter of Talos from ‘Captain Marvel’, a character that was kept under wraps during the show’s production, only revealed a few days before the trailer was released.

In the new photos from Vanity Fair, Clarke can be seen in her alien Skrull form, with which she can assume any human form. It is interesting to see how G’iah’s appearance has evolved since his first appearance in ‘Captain Marvel’, where he appears as a young alien.

The human form that G’iah takes on in the series seems to be a natural progression of his character and fits well with the younger version of the character, we don’t know if he chooses this form for another reason.

What role will the Skrulls play in Secret Invasion?

Given the initial trailer and images released to date, as well as the comics the series is based on, Brian Michael Bendis y Leinil Francis Yuit’s pretty safe to say that the plot will primarily focus on the Skrulls, even over the main character, Nick.

It is interesting to see that Talos, who holds an important position in Skrull society, may have delegated some of his responsibilities to G’iah while posing as Nick on Earth.

Additionally, there is a latent possibility of father and daughter reuniting at some point in the series, which would add even more tension to the plot.

Source Vanity Fair

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