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Pedro Pascal fell asleep in one of his most important scenes in Game of Thrones

With series such as Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian or The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal has become a worldwide icon

Since his participation in Game of Thrones, Pedro Pascal has become a global star. His appearances in productions such as Narcos, The Mandalorian or the latest ones The last of us They have made the whole world know the Chilean actor. Your role as Oberyn MartellPrince of Dornein Gamethat of thrones, gave him worldwide recognition. The charisma that characterized Oberyn quickly made him one of the most beloved characters by fans. But arguably what made the character unforgettable was his death.

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In the fourth season, in the episode The Mountain and the Viper, Oberyn Martell he faced See Gregor Clagane (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) in a trial by combat to prove the innocence of Tyrion Lannister about the murder of the king Joffrey Baratheon. After an astonishing display, the prince trusted himself, whereupon the Mountain managed to knock him over and crush his head with her hands. A scene that got many people going.

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Now, Peter Pascal has given more details about how the scene was shot during his interview on the podcast Hot Ones. It looks like the shot lasted a few days when it was very hot. To shoot the shocking scene, in costume Björnsson, had some tubes attached that went to the hands where the fake blood would come out. Because during the scene Pascal He had to be very still and the liquid was very cold, the actor stated that the scene was very relaxing for him. But not only that, but the actor has admitted that he fell asleep during the filming of the scene.

“It was very hot when we shot that scene. Björnsson was on top of me and he stuck his thumbs in my eyes and I had tubes all over my body and down my forearms pumping cold blood… They all put these chunks of flesh all over my face and pumping blood so it knocked me over and stretched out across the amphitheater to get a nice wide shot of the two of them from above and I was sleepy.”

“It was so hot, and this material was so cold to the touch, that you had to be very, very still, and that was the most relaxing thing. And when we also knew that we had reached the end of this four- days of fighting that we shot out there it was very soothing and I went into the deepest sleep I’ve ever been in. Now I realize I don’t sleep very well. I need to be put to pieces flesh… gelatinous flesh, cold to the touch of my face and pooled blood, and maybe I’ll finally be able to damn well sleep.”

Of course, the actor’s description is in stark contrast to the feelings he left in the audience, because despite the fact that they were already used to so much violence, no one expected such a death. Fortunately, Pascal He has left political issues to become the “father” of the Internet since his last two major projects, The last of us y The Mandalorian of Disney+, where the actor has a duty to protect a teenager and a child.

Preliminary first season of The last of us, of HBO Max It is over, but we will be able to enjoy Pedro in the second season, where we will see what fate awaits his character. Joel. While, the mandalorian, of Disney+, is still in its third episode of the third season, so we still have a bit of Pedro Pascal. These two series have undoubtedly made him a phenomenon, but neither of these two performances will be able to overcome his terrible scene in Game of Thrones.

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