Dungeons & Dragons + Paramount+

Paramount+ orders its startup

Paramount+ has provided the final push that Hasbro’s adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons needed into live action

He had been talking for some time in the various gossips in Hollywood that a big studio was behind making a series based on ‘Dungeons & Dragons‘, the famous toy of Hasbro which has been from wonderful books for young people to an endearing series, ‘Dungeons and Dragons’.

A huge universe of fantasy that will join the already existing offers: ‘The rings of power’ by Amazon Prime video‘The Dragon’s House’ i HBO Maxand ‘Arrow’ i Disney+.

Paramoun+ has been the one to decide to give this adaptation the push it needed. The studio has ordered eight episodes for its platform, with ‘Halo’ already triumphing prominently.

The person in charge of executing this series will be the filmmaker Rawson Marshall Thunder, who has already written the pilot for the series. You will not be alone in this project Paramount picturesas it will be connected to perform it.

The project has been trying to get the final go-ahead since November, and Paramount has given it to them. Again, his partner is there eOne after making the tape Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves ‘, Directed by Jonathan Goldstein y John Francis Daleyand that it opens on next March 31.

This new proposal from the fantasy genre, bringing us creatures and characters familiar to us: orcs, elves, dragons and many fantastic creatures, it will be able to make a breakthrough in the genre of this television full of fantasy bets ? No doubt this intellectual property is endearing, but… Which one isn’t?

We will see what this series offers us when its premiere comes. We will continue to inform you.

Dungeons & Dragons + Paramount+

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