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Noah Hawley’s Alien series already has a main character

Actress Sydney Chandler has been cast as the lead in the new Alien project directed by Noah Hawley for FX

Ellen Ripley already has a sequel in the Alien franchise. After pushing the saga through prequels and sequels to the original film, franchise will be adapted to the small screen in a series for the North American channel FX. Development of the program carefully, it has already been chosen main character that will deal with the iconic figure of science fiction.

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As reported VarietyThe actor Sydney Chandler has been selected to star in the Alien series directed by Noah Hawley. Chandler will return to FX Networks, having done his previous TV debut in the limited series Pistol (2022), which tells the story of the famous rock band. The actress has also starred in the 2022 film Don’t worry honey.

What do we know about the new Alien series?


About him character that Chandler will play and his role in the plotIt is still an unsolved mystery. The truth is that news about the new project of Alien see kept secret since the December 2020 announcement. The only confirmed point is that the series will take place on Earth in the not too distant future.

Besides, John Landgrafboss in FX Networkhas said at the TV critics’ association’s press tour, which was held in January, that the series It will begin its production in 2023. “I think he will be meeting with his production designer in Austin this weekend, preparing for this year’s production after finishing the fifth season of Fargo.“, commented Landgraf himself.

Alien (Ellen Ripley)

On the other hand, the legendary figure of Ellen Ripley, star of the original Alien films, will not appear in Hawley’s new projectfocuses attention on brand new characters.

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