No Way Home shows us Ned Leeds as the Hobgoblin

Marvel reveals an unexpected Spider-Man twist: No way home for Peter Parker’s best friend

There are cinematic moments that could have been, and the concept art for Spider-Man: No Way Home gave us a real gem: Ned Leeds aboard a goblin glider, taking to the skies of New York with the iconic bomb pumpkin in hand. Would you have imagined it?

Conceptual art, Hobgoblin, Marvel Studios, Ned Leeds, No Way Home, Spider-man

The artist’s vision behind the canvas Phil Saunders

The artist of Marvel Studioshe didn’t just show us this impressive image of Ned, played by Jacob Batalon. But it also immerses us in a scene full of Easter eggs. Did you notice the details of Ned’s outfit? Phil explained in his Instagram post: “It turns out that the Mets, the team from Queens, wear orange and blue, the colors of the #hobgoblin. So I made Ned wear that sweatshirt to wink.”

Besides the colors, there is another detail that many may overlook. Ned’s sweatshirt has the number 50, a tribute to Benny Agbayani, the Hawaiian-Filipino Mets player. Probably one of Ned’s heroes, considering their shared heritage.

Although the character of Ned Leeds in the MCU It’s a fairly original version, which has its roots in Marvel comics. Originally, Ned is revealed to be the secret identity of the evil Hobgoblin, the Green Goblin’s heir. However, this was later corrected, revealing that Ned had been manipulated by the real Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley. This turn of events not only added more layers to the narrative, but also provided a deeper study into the manipulations and power plays within Marvel’s criminal underworld.

Conceptual art, Hobgoblin, Marvel Studios, Ned Leeds, No Way Home, Spider-man

Although the Batalon version of Ned is primarily an MCU creation and a loyal friend of Peter Parker, there are some similarities to his comic book counterpart, such as his brief romance with Betty Brant. Although Ned didn’t get the chance to fly a goblin glider in No Way Home, he showed an unexpected talent for sorcery.

The enigmatic villain

The Spider-Man universe is full of memorable antagonists, but one that stands out in particular is Hobgoblins, or Duende in Spanish. While many fans are familiar with the Green Goblin, the Hobgoblin’s legacy in Marvel comics has solidified him as a formidable adversary for the wall-crawler.

The character was created in the 1980s by writer Roger Stern and illustrator John Romita Jr. What makes this villain particularly intriguing is the mystery surrounding his identity. Over the years, various individuals have taken on the role of the leprechaun, adding a level of intrigue and speculation among fans.

Conceptual art, Hobgoblin, Marvel Studios, Ned Leeds, No Way Home, Spider-man

In terms of skills, the Hobgoblins He possesses a similar set of tools and abilities as the Green Goblin. He rides a winged glider, uses pumpkin-shaped bombs, and has superhuman strength and endurance. However, unlike his green predecessor, Hobgoblin has been seen as a more calculating and strategic character, using deception and manipulation as much as he does brute force.

Although the character has been less prominent in film and television adaptations than other wall-crawling villains, his presence in the comics has left a lasting impression. His ability to sow chaos and mystery, combined with a visually stunning aesthetic, make him one of the spider’s most intriguing adversaries.

Possible appearance

With the constant growth and evolution of the Marvel Universe, both in comics and on screen, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Hobgoblin gain greater prominence in future adaptations. Without a doubt he is a character that offers many narrative possibilities and has the potential to capture the imagination of new generations of fans.

Conceptual art, Hobgoblin, Marvel Studios, Ned Leeds, No Way Home, Spider-man

Thanks to the conceptual art of the film we have an approximation of what could have been. It shows us a different Ned, one who perhaps could have an even more relevant role in future episodes. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you never know what surprises await us.

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