Netflix plummets as HBO Max and Disney+ grow

This week, Netflix gets another blow with the launch of the SkyShowtime platform in Spain, which comes with a great subscription offer

The numbers don’t lie. The data reveals the truth, and the truth is uncomfortable for Netflix. They are skydiving. It goes downhill without brakes. Customers are making the company pay for its decline in quality in favor of quantity and its latest marketing decisions.

This data is provided by Just watchthe largest international streaming guide with 30 million users in 120 countries, states unequivocally that from 2020 the global streaming giant the companyhas lost a share of -13%. market in the world. Almost nothing!

However, Disney it has risen steadily over the same period but appears to have stalled, which may contribute to the recent layoff news.

Sky Showtime arrives in Spain as a direct competitor to Netflix

In the midst of the controversy over shared accounts, a new platform arrives as a direct rival to Netflix, which is going to give a lot to talk about. Sky Showtime lands with an ambitious proposal, and a very aggressive subscription offering that mimics what HBO Max did at the time it changed its name, comes loaded: Over 10,000 hours of early content.

At a price of €2.99 for lifehopes the new platform will convince many potential customers, and with that price leaves it in a compromised situation Netflix now that it has increased costs while covering the possibility of customers sharing their account outside of the same home.

The new platform belongs to Comcast and Paramount, and in its extensive catalog we can find content from the following media:

  • Universal images
  • Paramount pictures
  • Nickelodeon
  • DreamWorks Animation
  • Showtime
  • Peacock
  • Sky Studios

Next February 28 opens the possibility of subscription to SkyShowtime.

Source JustWatch

Netflix’s price drops are a reality and they may not be left behind in Spain. Following the policy change with shared accounts, the streaming company has had to make changes accordingly.

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