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Netflix is ​​scared and halfway corrects its shared account policy

After the rejection of the users, Netflix corrects and will apply other measures at the moment, while the decision on what to do is postponed

A standing city. A break. This is how Netflix has abandoned its measures against sharing accounts outside the same home. At least for now. And it is that the numerous complaints from the users of the platform seem to have made a dent in the confidence of the company when it comes to applying the drastic plan it has to stop the use of shared accounts.

A technique with which she became popular and which she herself promoted when it was implemented not only in Spain. But apparently the shot has backfired on him, at least so far. With his star goal, he intended that only one household could use one account, on multiple devices, yes, but only in one house. And this hasn’t made anything fun.

The measure had been announced last week, we don’t know if by mistake, as Netflix says, or to get real feedback on what this marketing maneuver could mean. The point is that Netflix published it only to later claim it was in error, as reported by The Guardian. The company immediately clarified what had happened, but anger was already widespread, despite the fact that the measures are not applied worldwide, only in specific countries.

“Yesterday, an article was briefly published in the Help Center that only contains information that applies to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru in other countries. We have since updated it.”

Netflix - Shared accounts

A code must be entered regularly to use a Netflix account that connects outside the home

The threats to leave the platform seem to have taken effect. Now, in this situation, Netflix is ​​forced to correct itself due to the fear of a massive abandonment of users, now that the supply of streaming content is wide enough to look for real alternatives to its platform.

The measure that will be implemented is that regularly, and more and more often, the application will request a security code to ensure that the person connecting to the account who is not in the same household does so with authorization. How will do? Sends that code both by e-mail and by SMS to the owner’s phone. The time to enter the code is 15 minutes.

Source The Guardian

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