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Netflix brings good and bad news to Cobra Kai fans

The company has announced the renewal of Cobra Kai for a sixth season, but… it will be the last!

The phenomenon that arose fromThe Karate Kid, The moment of truth‘ comes to an end. Despite the company officially announcing that the series ‘Cobra KaiIt has been renewed for one more season, this will be the sixth, the ad has a poisoned cutie. It is permissible to shed a few tears.

The new season will serve to close the plots and finish the story. After a while without receiving updates on the status of the series, this news leaves us surprised. Netflix is ​​having a season that seems to have made it want to cancel series, but the strange thing is that it decides to do it with one of its biggest hits. At least it gives the creators the chance to close the story and the viewers to say goodbye to the characters.

The company has also revealed that the premiere of this final season will not be late on our televisions. The creators of the series, Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz y Hayden Schlossberghave written a public letter to the fans of the series, in which they have elaborated on the situation and future of the series.

“Our first day goal with Cobra Kai has always been to end it on our own terms and leave the valley at the time and place we’ve always envisioned”

You can see the rest of the original letter below:

Will we see a Cobra Kai spin-off?

As with Disney’s ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi,’ which launched as a miniseries, fans hope that a second season will develop, fans of ‘Cobra KaiThey shouldn’t lose hope of seeing these characters again at some point in Hurwitz’s words:

“All possibilities are on the table. It’s a special piece of entertainment that we’re connected to. And now, even more than five years ago, we’ve longed to explore more.”

Schlossberg already declared two years ago to the same media that there are many possibilities to continue with the story:

“We treat ‘Karate Kid’ like ‘Breaking Bad,’ and our show is like ‘Better Call Saul.’ But we can be the ‘Breaking Bad’ of another ‘Better Call Saul’ we come up with, either through characters, I has created, or other characters in the franchise that have not been explored.”

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