Neil Patrick Harris will be the villain in the 2023 special

Neil Patrick Harris will be the villain in the 2023 special

As well as Neil Patrick Harris, the appearance of Donna Noble in the next Doctor Who special has set off alarm bells among fans of the series

A good Christmas present For all Doctor Who fans. From the official report on Twitter from the BBC’s Doctor Who has given us trailer for the return of the series for the special that we will be able to see in 2023. Among the highlights of said trailer is the appearance of David Tennant plays the 14th Doctor and not the 10th, What will happen? Although what’s really new is the look of Neil Patrick Harris as the next Doctor Who villain.

As if that wasn’t enough, the trailer leaves us with a big surprise and this is it Catherine Tate’s return as Donna Noble, confirming that if she remembers the Doctor, she would die. Of course, 2023 will end in style with the special chapters that will give way to the new season of the series as early as 2024. Will Neil Patrick Harris’ villain deal with the new Doctor having the face of the 10th again? ?

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