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Neil Gaiman talks about the safety of The Sandman on Netflix

Looking at the various cancellations from Netflix, it appears that writer Neil Gaiman has spoken about the safety of The Sandman on the platform.

No one is insured for not being able to quietly enjoy your favorite stories in serial format. This is currently quite a tangible reality as every second or third we experience a series that has been well received by society and then it has been canceled by the platform doubt he did. Many are already afraid of being attached to new series, as some have become cancel with less than 3 seasons.

This year 2022 has left us with some cancellations that have hurt a lot as they have left us wanting more and We don’t know if he will recover. One of the expert platforms in this is Netflix, since although it has a small success, the standards that are set are so high that not all series are going to be renewed and stay for a long time, if not tell the latest 1899.

With all this, many viewers fear, and rightly so, to the decisions that Netflix may have under its belt, as it usually signs to make many adaptations that sound interesting, but then does not hesitate to cancel them. Today we have to deal with a project that He arrived on the platform and that he had his pluses and minuses, but it seems that one of the main parties involved is not afraid of its continuity on the platform. We’re talking about The Sandman, since Neil Gaiman wanted to talk about it.

The words of the creator of The Sandman create calm

It is clear because all the cancellations that take place Already some problems that could be seen with The Sandman, there have been followers and users on the network who fear that this fate will befall the Gaiman comic. Despite all this, it seems the author has come out in response to many of these followers who are afraid so they can bring some peace and quiet to everyone.

everything has happened on the author’s own Tumblrgiven that He wanted to respond directly to a fan’s words. The words of this follower commented something along the lines of the series, despite being renewed for a second season, is safe from the decisions Netflix makes. For all this the author has wished comment in a slightly ironic wayBut he makes his position clear.

It can be seen that Gaiman himself jokes that refer to what the user deems “safe”, as a disaster could happen where everyone involved died and there could be no series. In this way, the author leaves society more calmly since It seems that the next season of The Sandman would be assuredat least the production of it.

When will The Sandman season 2 premiere on Netflix?

After seeing all this now many are probably wondering when the 2nd season will come as so many expect. The truth is that The Sandman surprised many as it has become one of the most loved comic book adaptations by readers in general, so a second season is requested by many, remember all the pampering you get and that Neil Gaiman himself stands to approve the decisions that are made.

We cannot ensure that everyone is calm after seeing all this from Gaiman, as worse things have been seen done by entertainment platforms. Now we have to wait and see how it all progresses, so that The second season of The Sandman is coming to life and can be enjoyed on the platform. We already have the first one, so if we haven’t seen it, we can look at her or go to the comics.

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