The Big Bang Theory

Meet the group behind the Big Bang Theory song

We’re sick of hearing it on TV every time there’s an episode of The Big Bang Theory, but can you tell me what this band is called?

Whenor you have to talk about emblematic series or moviesMany are sure that they have the characters in mind who have received so much love or hate from the public because of what they have done. No one will ever be able to forget emblematic characters from series such as Homer Simpson, Chandler Bing or Frasier. It can be controlled we have rescued some mythical characters from comedies that has been seen on TV, with a large audience behind it. We don’t do it by chance, since today it’s time to talk about a sitcom.

We will always remember the characters that They have starred in our favorite series, but surely, along with them, we also come to remember the melodies that have accompanied them, whether they are background music or because they are the header itself. Sometimes they have turned into songs there has exceeded the series itselfdespite the fact that they were created only for them.

On this day we have to talk about a series that changed the stigma to the geek community, back in 2007 The Big Bang Theory arrived to talk about the clichés of a few geeks that we got very fond of. With 12 seasons behind it, the series said goodbye in 2019 and forever has kept the same header music I’m sure many of you have been humming, but do you know his name and his interpreter? Today we will tell you about it.

Barenaked Ladies, the theme song of The Big Bang Theory

Let’s put ourselves in a situation, since the background of the song itself is quite interesting, especially knowing what the series is about. Its name is The History of Everything and if you’ve been paying attention to its visuals and what the song says in the title, we can literally see the history of the world as we know it from the time of the Big Bang to the present daysomething closely related to the series itself by having Leonard and Sheldon as the main characters, two physicists.

As the series progresses, We see that string theory and research of our main characters intend to try to understand a little more about the origins of the universe, something that makes a whole lot of sense to choose a song like this. The song was performed by Canadian band Barenaked Ladiesa rock band that has been active since 1988 and had its greatest boom in the second half of the 90s.

It can be controlled the song not only lasts as long as the header, but it has a somewhat longer duration, where it deals with many other issues that have affected the history of mankind, but the concept was clear in the selected extract. The truth is, I think it’s a seal of the series, something It has also followed him in his 12 seasons and that many have probably hummed from hearing it so much on TV when they didn’t know what to watch.

What other songs from the series can you remember that have caught on so much?

There is not the slightest doubt about that This is not the first time this has happened to a TV series. to many of you who read us. Many serials that have made history due to their amazing reception have had songs that have been created hugely impactful to society, in such a way that they have been etched in our memory and many have probably continued to sing. Things like Friends, The Office, The Sopranos or How I Met Your Mother come to mind, but I’m sure you have many more out there.

Once this doubt has been clarified, which may For some of you out there, you probably already knew that.shall we remember that The Big Bang Theory is finished and can be viewed on HBO Max with a subscription. In addition to this series, a spin-off later appeared focusing on a younger version of Sheldon who knew how to differentiate himself, with style, from its origin series and has also earned a spot. We encourage you to give both of you a chance and draw conclusions for yourselves, there is a lot of hate unleashed on the internet.

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