Falcon y el Soldado de Invierno

Marvel places the Falcon and the Winter Soldier in the MCU

A new MCU timeline update reveals the year in which the Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldier takes place

Marvel Studios is close to launching one very useful tool for them Introduced in the cinematic universe and for the ignorant They do not know the temporality of the events that took place in the various projects. However, some fans of the MCU will be surprised official date for Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier - with Captain America

As published The directthat Chronological position of the series is seen in a first image of the upcoming guide, created by Marvel, about the cinematic universe and its official timeline. It features the story of Captain America’s shield and claims Sam Wilson awarded the match to the Smithsonian in 2024.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Captain America - 000

This action takes place in episode 1 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, called “New world order“, so it relates directly to events in the series with the year 2024. This disproving the belief of many MCU fans who placed the show in 2023like Avengers: Endgame.

Where will this Falcon and the Winter Soldier treat be seen?

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Written by Anthony Breznican, Amy Ratcliffe, and Rebecca Theodore-Vachon, fans will have to wait for the guide’s release to find out. get more answers about the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. Furthermore, the volume is off 320 pages will offer information supported by the various creative teams about the interconnected chronology and expansion of the shared universe.

Marvel Studios The Marvel Cinematic Universe An Official Timeline goes on sale on September 5, 2023.

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